A Fond Memory of Andrew Breitbart

I’ve known Andrew Breitbart for several years. This picture is of us from the 9/12/2010 tea party. I considered him a friend. Sadly, though, I didn’t get to know Andrew as well as many others were lucky enough to. I wasn’t close enough to him to do justice in explaining all the details of his life that made him a great man. However, I do have one of those details that I’d like to share.

Andrew Breitbart never turned down a request from a fan for a picture. He never blew off somebody who had a question for him or a story to tell him. He was simply too nice to do that. He was a great guy.

Everybody knows that he never shied away from a fight he thought he was on the right side of. He never feared showing his righteous indignation. That’s always been clear to everyone.

But if you ever met him in person you saw another side to him. He never dismissed anybody simply because he didn’t recognize their name or hadn’t read their work. He was open to any and every person that approached him.

I remember hanging out with Breitbart in the hall outside radio row at the AFP Defending The American Dream Summit last August talking about the video I’d shot of an occupier using her kids to blockade a door that I’d shot the night before. He was, of course and as always, ready to expose that dirty trick for the world to see (and he did help do so). However, we were also in a public hallway with lots of summit attendees walking by. Naturally many of them wanted to talk to Andrew or have their picture taken with him.

At that point I ended up becoming an impromptu camera man of sorts. After all, he was a nice guy so he always said yes and he always listened to what people had to say to him with genuine interest. It wasn’t the first time, nor the last, that I witnessed Breitbart doing that but it did give me pause and make me marvel at his nature.

A nature that was truly one of a kind. I’m not sure anybody will truly be able to replace him but I know the imprint he left on the conservative movement, his family, his friends, and even complete strangers will never disappear.

Join Me For The “Screw Politico” Happy Hour

With FreedomWorks Blog Con coming up I thought to myself, how can I get together with some awesome bloggers AND stick it to Politico a little bit? The best I could come up with was the “Screw Politico” happy hour! Pretty clever, huh?

This meet up is completely unofficial and not endorsed by FreedomWorks or any other organization but will start at 7pm Friday night at The Rocket Bar (changed it to this bar because it’s bigger). The tavern happens to be right across the street from FreedomWorks’ office and right after the last organized Friday event for BlogCon. So, hopefully, that will allow for as many people as possible to show up and hang out.

It should be a good time. Everybody is invited. Come on out if you want to share some food, a few drinks, and the sentiment that Politico can shove their legal bullying where the sun don’t shine.

Or come and defend Politico… the main goal is to get together and have some fun.

POLITICO Threatening Me Again

Well they’re back at it again.

Don’t worry I’m going to keep fighting the good fight and won’t be backing down. I’ll try to keep everybody updated on whats going on. Thanks for all the support though it really helps keep me strong.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out these background posts from a while back.

Sorry I haven’t been writing here as much lately but I’m spending most of my time writing over at my new MRC blog The Blast which has been incredibly successful by the way. It’s reached more than 300,000 visitors in just the past three months or so. It’s also been linked across the blogosphere and the rest of the web.

So you can check me out there and also at Human Events where I get to write op eds from time to time.

Review: Jason Mattera’s ‘Obama Zombies’

Why yes. That is me sandwiched between Erick Erickson and Dr. Herbert London on the front page of Human Events.

My review of Jason Mattera’s book “Obama Zombies” was published by them today and I think you should, ya know, go read it. Here’s a taste to get your appetite going:

In 2008, twenty-somethings like me began to notice a disturbing new creature appearing on their college campuses around the country and all over their favorite social networking sites.  They seemed to spread out everywhere, spewing meaningless dribble in the form of campaign slogans and infecting others as the year went on until it appeared a full-blown epidemic had emerged.  What were these ominous beings and where did they come from?

What Your Twitter Will Soon Look Like (and What Mine Looks Like Now)

Well my mother always told me I was special… and now there is proof! Behold my special Twitter List Beta awesomeness (click to enlarge):

Twitter Lists

Yup. I’m in a very exclusive beta for Twitter’s much talked about new feature lists. How exclusive you ask? Well… I have no idea actually but it seems pretty exclusive given that only 311 of the 3,867,501 who follow Ashton Kutcher have made a list that includes him (click to enlarge): Continue reading What Your Twitter Will Soon Look Like (and What Mine Looks Like Now)

Introducing JNuzzi08

Listen up fan folk! The College Politico has a new contributor who goes by the fanciful name of JNuzzi08. He  is quite smart and competent.

So treat him right.


Ps. I’ll be working on my super top ultra secret new mysterious project and won’t be able to post on The College Politico much but JNuzzi08 should keep you happy and I’ll look into adding some more contributors soon.

Introducing Required Daily Reading

book shelf

I thought I’d give you all a little more of the college life experience by introducing you to my latest recuring post: Required Daily Reading.

That way you can feel my pain… well, except not really because the stuff I’ll be giving you to read won’t be an absolute waste of time like the majority of my school reading. Either way, here’s my first installment:

Be sure to check back to this post periodically as I’ll be trying to update it as often as possible.