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Required Daily Reading

Make sure you study these because there will be a test: Please, GOP, no more McCains… The Brits are scrambling to break up a possible Easter bombing plot Speaking of Brits, they really know how to stick it to Obama Sharing Christ through twitter? CBS finds disturbingly sexualized kids meal commercial hilarious The left’s overarching argument: Shut Up! Steele rejected from Teaparty platform… Good. Obama: hmmm how can I throw more money down the American auto-hole? Oh, I know! As always, check back for more later!

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Introducing Required Daily Reading

I thought I’d give you all a little more of the college life experience by introducing you to my latest recuring post: Required Daily Reading. That way you can feel my pain… well, except not really because the stuff I’ll be giving you to read won’t be an absolute waste of time like the majority of my school reading. Either way, here’s my first installment: My latest piece at NewsBusters on the new defensive posture of the NYT Women in Oklahoma can finally legally protect their unborn children The Guardian really rips into Obama (h/t @JustKarl) Obama literally threatens bankers

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