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An American Carol: I can’t wait

I’ve seen all the trailers and preview excerpts and my excitement only builds. And that actually surprises me since An American Carol is a conservative comedy which takes on Micheal Moore and the far-left. And nothing is more hit or miss than conservative comedy. Often more miss than hit at that. Think Half Hour News Hour… And while David Zucker made Airplane! and the Naked Gun series… he also made the last two Scary Movies But from everything I gather about the movie it actually seems like it should be hilarious. 1. The aforementioned Zucker can be hilarious and he

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Oprah pulls an “Us Weekly” and pisses off fans by dissing Palin UPDATE: (many) Others jump on the “Us Weekly” boat

Apparently Oprah Winfrey and Us Weekly (and now MTV) need to do a little more market research and figure out that their audience consists of more that Huffpo readers and Obamatons because today the Drudge Report broke a story which claimed that Oprah is ignoring fans and staff requests to book Republican Vice Presidential pick Sarah Palin. And according to Oprah’s response Drudge was wrong. You see, Oprah didn’t block Palin from coming on the show… as Oprah tells it, she never even considered it. Way to tamp down the controversy, people were upset that you didn’t want to book

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Moving In Time

So its that time of year again! Yup its college time for The College Politico… And as fun as moving back in and seeing all my friends (who are basically family now) it means that I won’t be posting at full capacity for a while… maybe a week. But until I’m back and posting again enjoy some of my favorite stuff from around the conservosphere: Top Hillary Supporter Turns To McCain Liberal Historian: Obama=Carter Where are all the Kos Democrats now? A Star Is Born? Dobson on the Palin Pregnancy He’s Ba-aack… We have walked in the Palin’s shoes

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Pick Pawlenty (or Romney if you must)… AND Lieberman

So, as I’m sure you know, there has been buckets and buckets of speculation over the GOP veepstakes and of course some friendly advice on who the pick should be. Well… now its my turn and honestly it seems like there is only one choice (maybe two), however I have a, not so secret twist, to my analysis. OK, I’m just gonna jump right to the point, pick Pawlenty for VP. He is by far the best choice for you, period. He is pro-life, he is a conservative who won’t piss people like me off, he has more experience than

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I’m a big boy now

Hey everybody, I’ve finally made the transition into blog ownership! I’ve been floating around in the free land of wordpress, hubpages, and youtube but now I’m free to do what I want. Yay and enjoy.

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