What Your Twitter Will Soon Look Like (and What Mine Looks Like Now)

Well my mother always told me I was special… and now there is proof! Behold my special Twitter List Beta awesomeness (click to enlarge):

Twitter Lists

Yup. I’m in a very exclusive beta for Twitter’s much talked about new feature lists. How exclusive you ask? Well… I have no idea actually but it seems pretty exclusive given that only 311 of the 3,867,501 who follow Ashton Kutcher have made a list that includes him (click to enlarge):

Twitter Beta Kutcher

Twitter Beta Kutcher Sidebar

Well, now that you know how awesomely special I am, here’s the full pictorial break down of what Twitter Lists feature is going to look like (if they don’t change them) when they launch to everybody. First the home page (click to enlarge):

Twitter Beta Home

A close up of the new sidebar (click to enlarge):

Twitter Beta Sidebar

The new page for people you follow (click to enlarge):

Twitter Beta Adam

What happens when you click on the new lists button you ask? Why this of course (click to enlarge):

Twitter Beta Manage List

And what do these lists look like you say? Ok. First of all… stop asking pushy ungrateful questions. I’m trying to be nice and show you Twitter’s cool new feature and with each screen shot all I get are more and more questions!!2111!! Secondly… this is what the lists look like (click to enlarge):

Twitter Beta List

Though I have only been using the new feature for a couple of hours this is the internet so I feel the need to express my opinion of it right now. Essentially I think, like everything with Twitter, its a great and innovative idea but its still too buggy. It takes several tries to actually get somebody into one of my lists which is annoying and slows things down A LOT. Once (or rather if) they work out the bugs it should be another great addition to a great service.

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