Join Me For The “Screw Politico” Happy Hour

With FreedomWorks Blog Con coming up I thought to myself, how can I get together with some awesome bloggers AND stick it to Politico a little bit? The best I could come up with was the “Screw Politico” happy hour! Pretty clever, huh?

This meet up is completely unofficial and not endorsed by FreedomWorks or any other organization but will start at 7pm Friday night at The Rocket Bar (changed it to this bar because it’s bigger). The tavern happens to be right across the street from FreedomWorks’ office and right after the last organized Friday event for BlogCon. So, hopefully, that will allow for as many people as possible to show up and hang out.

It should be a good time. Everybody is invited. Come on out if you want to share some food, a few drinks, and the sentiment that Politico can shove their legal bullying where the sun don’t shine.

Or come and defend Politico… the main goal is to get together and have some fun.

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Stephen Gutowski

Stephen Gutowski is an award-winning political reporter who got his start in 2009 when he founded this blog.

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