McCain ahead in Ohio and Florida, gains in Colorado

McCain 49% and Obama 47% in Ohio

McCain 49% and Obama 48% in Florida

McCain up a point against Obama in Colorado since the 5th (still down by 4%)

Here’s the details

So lets stop all this idiotic panic please. I mean seriously, Obama is running in a dead give away Democrat year with about a 4:1 money advantage and McCain is still within the margin of error nationally and in most important states. Obama couldn’t be a weaker candidate…

It’s gonna be close, just like the past two elections. You know, ever since the current red/blue demographics were aligned. Seems to me that despite all the rhetoric about changing the dynamics the election is going to be won or lost in the same states as ’00 and ’04. And it will probably come down to each parties get out the vote operations, just like the past two elections.

So, really, the fact that McCain never fell more than, say, 8 points behind nationally (and I don’t even think it got that bad in most battleground states) at his worst and the fact that he is pretty much back to even now should make us all very happy. After all, who had the better GOTV operations in ’00 and ’04? And while Obama may have made up ground its still widely recognized that the GOP has much larger and better voter information databases.

Honestly, people, recent history tells us that McCain is in good shape. Heck I might even consider him the front runner at this point.

If McCain wins, thank Joe the plumber

Joe Wurzelbacher was made famous this week. He is the plumber who challenged Barack Obama’s tax plan on the streets of Toledo, Ohio and thereby incited the now famous “spread the wealth around” gaffe. According to the New York Times his name was mentioned an astounding two dozen times during the final presidential debate.

He has become a focal point, a symbol if you will, for all those who are skeptical of Barack Obama and his wealth redistributing tax policies. Joe the plumber pulled of a great feet. He managed to do something that John McCain and the entire republican party couldn’t manage.

Joe the plumber managed to catch Barack Obama off his guard and away from his Teleprompters. He managed to ask a poignant, unscripted, unexpected question to him. And most importantly he managed to get an unscripted, truthful, and revealing answer, an answer that has already changed the focus of the race. One that is negative for Obama, positive for McCain and easily sound-bite-able.

But perhaps his greatest feet was getting the media to pay attention to the negatives associated with Barack Obama’s tax plan. And that is something that John McCain could not do no matter how hard he tried. It took someone who is not rich and powerful. It required an “everyman” that would be hurt by that plan.

In other words, in order to poke holes in Obama’s tax plan the Republicans needed to show Americans who Obama wants to take money from. They needed someone that the middle class can relate to. They needed someone we could all connect with.

They got all of that in Joe the plumber. According to broadcasts on MSNBC, FOX NEWS, CNN, and several other media outlets Joe Wurzelbacher is someone who is representative of the middle class. He is a plumber. He has a child. He lives modestly in a small house in Toledo, Ohio. And, most importantly, he is working hard to achieve his dream of owning the plumbing company he now works for. He wants to do what he loves, earn what he’s worked for, and keep what he’s earned.

Joe is reaching for the American dream. That’s something that I think everyone can relate to. Certainly that is my hope and the entire reason I am giving four years of my life and more than a hundred thousand dollars of my money for additional schooling. Honestly, what other reason for attending a college is there?

And this really applies to everyone. I mean, Is your vision of your future all that different from Joe’s? Don’t you want to be successful? Don’t you want to determine what to do with your earnings, be it investing to build jobs or giving to charity or buying a home for your family and loved ones? I want what Joe the plumber wants and I think most of you do too.

So, while I may have a strong affinity for many of the principles John McCain espouses I can actually relate to the dreams, desires, and concerns that Joe the plumber has. I’m sure I’m not the only one either. If McCain wins he will owe a debt to Joe. A fruit basket is in order.

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Sarah Palin, The most experienced?

So, now that the pick is in, its time for the Democratic attacks to start…

What about Sarah Palin (who went to the University of Idaho) will they attack you ask? Well, as Ironic as it is, her inexperience…

That’s right, Barack Obama and his surrogates will attack Sarah Palin because she doesn’t have enough experience to lead… boy oh boy. Now, any sane person will surely see right through this pathetic tactic (seriously, couldn’t they come up with anything better?) but I figure why not examine it anyway?

Well, it is true that Sarah Palin has only been Governor of Alaska for a year and a half. However, as Barack Obama pointed out himself once, Obama actually has less on the job experience that Palin since he basically started campaigning for president immediately after being elected to the Senate.

But beside that point, there is a whole nother aspect to this whole “experience” debate… an aspect that Palin wins hands down (even when compared to McCain).

And that is the experience of running a government. Palin is the only one who has any executive experience. She is the only one knows what its like to be the one and only person in charge of making the important decisions (from all accounts they’ve been good decisions) and accepting responsibility for their consequences. Being an executive is most certainly a whole different experience from being a legislator.

Palin’s executive experience adds a lot to McCain’s ticket… not to mention the many other advantages she brings.

Good job McCain, you have seriously made a winning pick. I am impressed.

UPDATE: Obama attacks but then backs off

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