Sarah Palin, The most experienced?

So, now that the pick is in, its time for the Democratic attacks to start…

What about Sarah Palin (who went to the University of Idaho) will they attack you ask? Well, as Ironic as it is, her inexperience…

That’s right, Barack Obama and his surrogates will attack Sarah Palin because she doesn’t have enough experience to lead… boy oh boy. Now, any sane person will surely see right through this pathetic tactic (seriously, couldn’t they come up with anything better?) but I figure why not examine it anyway?

Well, it is true that Sarah Palin has only been Governor of Alaska for a year and a half. However, as Barack Obama pointed out himself once, Obama actually has less on the job experience that Palin since he basically started campaigning for president immediately after being elected to the Senate.

But beside that point, there is a whole nother aspect to this whole “experience” debate… an aspect that Palin wins hands down (even when compared to McCain).

And that is the experience of running a government. Palin is the only one who has any executive experience. She is the only one knows what its like to be the one and only person in charge of making the important decisions (from all accounts they’ve been good decisions) and accepting responsibility for their consequences. Being an executive is most certainly a whole different experience from being a legislator.

Palin’s executive experience adds a lot to McCain’s ticket… not to mention the many other advantages she brings.

Good job McCain, you have seriously made a winning pick. I am impressed.

UPDATE: Obama attacks but then backs off

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6 thoughts on “Sarah Palin, The most experienced?”

  1. This pick proves that experience isn’t vital to being president, and both candidates agree. McCain just proved that with this pick, and destroyed his strongest argument against Obama.
    So now that experience is no longer in debate, we can focus on the issues… right?

  2. Well… honestly, as I posted before, what you outlined is something I pointed out earlier as a potential problem with the pick. However, Palin still does have more actual experience than Obama and she is the only one with executive experience. That’s still a big plus for the Republicans since Obama is the presidential nominee for the dems and Palin is only the VP for the repubs. I mean seriously, you didn’t find it a tiny bit ironic today when the obamatrons were calling palin inexperienced and an “affirmative action” pick?

    But don’t you think that experience is a legitimate issue?

  3. Experience is an overblown issue. Judgment is much more important.
    comparing who has more experience could be the lamest way this nation has ever picked a president. If experience mattered so much, Gore would have got 100% of the vote in 2000. and Bush I would have beat clinton in ’92. Carter would have won in ’80.
    Experience doesn’t matter. A basic level of proven competence is all experience shows.
    The key to experience is that you can see the judgment of the person improves. Sadly, McCain’s pick of Palin shows the opposite. It shows that after his years and years in office, he thought it would be a good idea to pick the least qualified person to be his VP to solidify his conservative support. It might help him, but it shows his judgment is pretty horrible.

  4. For those ignorant people who choose to believe that Alaska is a small insignificant state,,,go there!
    As Governor of Alaska Palin has more foreign diplomacy experience and international trade and international relations experience with Japan, Russia and Canada, as well as other nations, than Osama/Oprama.

    Judging from the campaign that MoveOn/George Soros immediately launched to smear Palin, the DemocRATS are running scared!
    Palin is an extremely great woman and human being,,something the leftist feminazi/emu wussies know absolutely nothing about.

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