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I Can Has News?

“We’re told … that young people can’t have news because we’re just tweeting all the time, and that’s just bullsh**” Nothing Meghan McCain does is good for conservatives, republicans, or humanity at large.

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Required Daily Reading

It’s been a while but here’s your required daily reading for today: The Daily Kos and Megan McCain fight about who the bigger gay marriage proponent is… PLUS: Tommy Christopher throws his two cents at Markos! The Judicial Confirmation Network mails out a letter to senators regarding SCOTUS nominee Sotomayor Caleb Howe reviews the real climate of hate over at RedState Enjoy!

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The Non-Story That is Karl Rove’s Thank You

Yes, as Tommy Christopher of AOL reported today, Karl Rove did send me a thank you on twitter yesterday. The reason you didn’t hear about it here is that I wasn’t completely comfortable sharing it publicly because he sent the little thank you through a direct message on Twitter. Which means he may not have wanted it shared publicly. So, if I didn’t post it you may be asking “how did Tommy Christopher end up with it?”. Well, despite what his post may imply, I met Tommy at CPAC and we talk from time to time. And when I got

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Meghan McCain: Karl Rove is ‘Creepy’

Meghan McCain is a twit. And I don’t mean that she uses twitter rather I mean that she is an imbecile. She does use twitter of course… though her latest post on The Daily Beast proves that she tweets the same way she blogs, cluelessly. You see the main point of Meg’s latest work of genius is that some people following her on twitter are creepy, namely Karl Rove:

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