The Non-Story That is Karl Rove’s Thank You

Yes, as Tommy Christopher of AOL reported today, Karl Rove did send me a thank you on twitter yesterday.

The reason you didn’t hear about it here is that I wasn’t completely comfortable sharing it publicly because he sent the little thank you through a direct message on Twitter. Which means he may not have wanted it shared publicly. So, if I didn’t post it you may be asking “how did Tommy Christopher end up with it?”.

Well, despite what his post may imply, I met Tommy at CPAC and we talk from time to time. And when I got a direct message from Karl Rove, in my excitement, I told a couple people about it. Tommy was one of them.

In hindsight I probably should have made it completely clear that I was talking strictly off the record but I really didn’t, and still don’t, see the story here. But I guess it just goes to show that you should always be careful when talking to a journalist… and I wasn’t.

Now that Tommy has written his inane piece bashing Rove I suppose it’s my duty to defend Rove a little. Especially since this is such a stupid non-story. Plus… I get the added bonus of taking apart Tommy’s cheer leading for Megsy Mac and that’s always a blast.

First, all Karl Rove said to me was “Thanks for your post. Awfully nice of you”. He was referring to this post, in which I defend him from the childish attacks of Megsy Mac. I defended him, he gave me a little thanks… how is this controversial? (click the picture to enlarge)karl rove twitter

It’s an absurd stretch to say that Rove was somehow endorsing what I said about Megsy. No where does he say that he agrees with my assessment of Megsy. He simply appreciates me defending him a little. Seriously, that’s it. To take more from it than that screams attention baiting…

But let’s say for a second that Rove did endorse what I wrote about Megsy, as he really ought to, how would that be controversial? Apparently for Tommy its ultra cool when Megsy rips Rove due to her own misunderstanding of twitter but its totally lame dude that Rove might not respect her. What a joke.

Meghan Mccain deserves zero respect for her accomplishments or opinions because they’ve all been handed to her. The former by a media looking for another “Republican” to bash republicans and the later by slogans on T-shirts she’s seen Perez Hilton wearing.

Her “ideas” are nothing new. Don’t let Tommy fool you, Rinoism has been around far longer than either myself or Megsy and it has never been logical or successful. Republicans who pretend to be Democrats get nothing but electoral ass kickings, as Megsy’s father proved once (again) and for all.

I’m here to say that I’m a young Republican and Meghan Mccain will never speak for me, my generation, or my party.

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