Announcing: Two New Political Cartoons on The College Politico

I will now be featuring two of the best political cartoons on the planet.

The first is a cartoon called Diversity Lane. It comments on national politics and the liberal mindset in a way I find poignant and, more importantly, a way that actually makes me laugh. Diversity Lane is also written in a very unique way, it’s really closer to a written sit-com than anything else.

Before you start reading the cartoons you should take some time and get to know the family at this link.

Here is a sample:

The second cartoon is by Ammon Perry and focuses on Pennsylvania state politics and the politics of Messiah College. His work is insightful and impressive. He never ceases to entertain and inform. He will give this blog the local focus that has been lacking. Oh, and his stuff brings tears of hilarity to my eyes.

Here’s a sample of his work:

I will be updating The College Politico as often as possible with works from these two brilliant satirists.