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The left, compassion, and tolerance

Here is the latest Diversity Lane cartoon (which by the way was created several days before the Palin effigy hanging, click to enlarge): And here is the related real life incident… How lynching Sarah Palin relates to the tolerance of the left

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Announcing: Two New Political Cartoons on The College Politico

I will now be featuring two of the best political cartoons on the planet. The first is a cartoon called Diversity Lane. It comments on national politics and the liberal mindset in a way I find poignant and, more importantly, a way that actually makes me laugh. Diversity Lane is also written in a very unique way, it’s really closer to a written sit-com than anything else. Before you start reading the cartoons you should take some time and get to know the family at this link. Here is a sample: The second cartoon is by Ammon Perry and focuses

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