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Month: June 2009

Twitter Army Takes Over White House Press Corps; Then the World

The day that the small twitter army dedicated to getting the White House press corps to put up South Park versions of themselves as their icon on Twitter has been working tirelessly towards is now one step closer. Yes, this post is the official proclamation of victory on the #cartoonmajor front of our campaign! As of today Major Garret of Fox News is SouthParkified! Here is his tweet of acceptance into the #TWoonhunks twitter army: From this one small tweet grew an unstoppable movement that has now produced real change. Where as we used to have but one SouthParkified White

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The College Politico Makes it Big!

Hey everybody. I’ve finally made it big as shown by my recent appearance on’s B-Cast show C-side! Now that both Ed Morrissey and Michelle Malkin have pronounced my name correctly and B-Cast has interviewed me there’s no telling where I might pop up next… so watch your TV’s carefully, after you watch this clip of my appearance naturally:

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Michelle Malkin and Ed Morrissey Pronounce My Name Correctly!!!

Ok… I know what you’re thinking… is that really the biggest part of this story? Well, for me, its pretty awesome. Yes, the fact that my important story on AOL News‘ extreme breach of ethics and sweeping attempts to censor the news was picked up by Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, Protien Wisdom, Howard Kurtz at The Washington Post, USA Today, Lucianne, Conservative Grapevine, The Huffington Post, Ed Driscoll,,, and many many more is very important to me. However, its not everyday famous media personalities mention my name and it’s even more rare that somebody I haven’t met (Michelle)

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Required Daily Reading

It’s been a while but here’s your required daily reading for today: The Daily Kos and Megan McCain fight about who the bigger gay marriage proponent is… PLUS: Tommy Christopher throws his two cents at Markos! The Judicial Confirmation Network mails out a letter to senators regarding SCOTUS nominee Sotomayor Caleb Howe reviews the real climate of hate over at RedState Enjoy!

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My Latest on NewsBusters

My most recent story on NewsBusters deals with Politico’s white washing of one of the most violent and disgusting sexual fantasies that has ever published. I am happy to say that it contributed to the retraction of the Politico story. Read up and enjoy!

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