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Michelle Malkin and Ed Morrissey Pronounce My Name Correctly!!!

Ok… I know what you’re thinking… is that really the biggest part of this story? Well, for me, its pretty awesome. Yes, the fact that my important story on AOL News‘ extreme breach of ethics and sweeping attempts to censor the news was picked up by Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, Protien Wisdom, Howard Kurtz at The Washington Post, USA Today, Lucianne, Conservative Grapevine, The Huffington Post, Ed Driscoll,,, and many many more is very important to me. However, its not everyday famous media personalities mention my name and it’s even more rare that somebody I haven’t met (Michelle)

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At NewsBusters for the Day

Hello again faithful readers, Today I will be at the Media Research Center in Alexandria Virginia for a meet and greet. I might be able to make a post later tonight but don’t count on it. -CP

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