Bobblehead Barack

obama bobblehead

Come on… will the merchandising ever end?

I mean how can I be expected to take this “monumental achievement” when its being cheapened to the level of the snuggie.

I mean sure this time Obama’s people weren’t the ones behind the cornyness, it was a minor league baseball team from Brooklyn or “Baraklyn“, but they’ve sponsored their own crap fests as well.

I swear the genius who came up with this promotion is a political satire savant. Just check out the full package:

Special red-white-and-blue jerseys will be worn by players and auctioned during the game, with proceeds going to the Jackie Robinson Foundation. The team, a Class A affiliate of the New York Mets, will have an “Economic Stimulus Package” from Jan. 20 — Inauguration Day — until Jan. 23, selling tickets at $5-$10, matching the levels of its inaugural season in 2001. Regular prices are $8-15.

In addition, the first 1,000 fans get free Band-Aids as part of “Universal Health Care,” all fans named Barack get in for free, fans named McCain or Palin get free bleacher seats (“a bipartisan consolation prize”) and any plumber named Joe gets two free tickets.

“One for himself, and one to ‘spread the wealth’ with a friend,” the Cyclones said,

Fans will receive American flags when they leave, what the Cyclones called “a clear-cut exit strategy.” The Cyclones are reserving four seats behind the plate for the first family, in case it can attend.

And the commercial:


Ugh… this is just pathetic

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