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Kids for Obama

I recently found this site on It scares me. and I’ll tell you why. What Obama is doing through this site is something that authoritarian regimes do constantly. They harvest the minds of the children I suppose you could say. Or, in other words, they indoctrinate kids before they are old enough to form their own opinions on things. They create a super hero image of their leader and urge kids to engage in personality worship. All the signs are there on his Kids for Obama site… The making of a political candidate into something larger than life (you

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Obama Youth take two

This time it’s more militant: httpv:// As if the last one wasn’t Hitler-youth-y enough… (Ed Morrissey disagrees) Here’s some food for thought: “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future” -Adolf Hitler HOLY CRAP UPDATE: You know… it’s one thing for miss guided supporters to start pawning off their kids to Obama but it’s something entirely different for a presidential campaign to actively try and recruit kids as campaign tools. But honestly this Kids for Obama initiative goes beyond that to pure indoctrination on a level that terrifies me. Read the latest on Kids for Obama

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