Did Jonah Goldberg Steal a Link From Me?

Well… not exactly. But yes, sort of.

I guess that’s how I would characterize the situation that Tommy Christopher wrote up over at AOL and Daily Dose. The whole thing centers around a tip I sent out this afternoon about CNN’s estimation of the lefty blogosphere.

This is how Tommy characterized what happened thereafter:

What’s interesting is how I found out about the story. I was on an email list for TheCollegePolitico.com, run by Steve Gutowski, a guy that I met at CPAC. I got his tip at 1:55pm. Also on that email were NRO’s Jonah Goldberg, and Captain Ed Morrissey, who used the tip at Hot Air:

CNN asks the question: Whither the liberal blogosphere in the Age of Obama? Mark Preston asks Markos Moulitsas and Jane Hamsher how having a Democratic shutout in Washington DC will affect their blogging (via The College Politico)

See what Ed did there? He credited the source of the tip. Continue reading Did Jonah Goldberg Steal a Link From Me?