True American Badasses

Instead of dedicating our time to worshiping those who pretend to be badasses for a living, I say we start honoring the true American Badasses. Those who put their lives on that thin red line that separates civilization from barbarism. Liberty from tyranny. Freedom from slavery. They are, and have always been, America’s last, best hope.Americas last best hope

American Badass Audie Murphy American Badass John Paul Jones American Badass Dick Winters American Badass David Bellavia

American Badass Carlos Hathcock American Badass Alvin York

New Chrysler Ad Campaign: Thanks for the Free Money America!

Chrysler thank you America

That’s the new ad campaign from our friendly failures at Chrysler. A great big thanks for the quick cash!

Well I have a little message for Bob Nardelli and Chrysler. Most of America never wanted to bail you out. We are not happy that you got bailed out. And we certainly do not want you to remind us of your bailout!

Thanks for nothing

Farrakhan: Obama will bring a “New Beginning”

In fact, Farrakhan gave an entire speech about how Obama’s Presidency will bring a new beginning to America. According to a press release coming from the Nation of Islam he was scheduled to give his speech praising Obama today during the Mosque Maryam’s Sunday service.

Despite Farrakhan being a delusional nut job he still manages to stumble upon a decent point.

Obama will bring a new beginning and it will probably be the kind of beginning that Farrakhan, and other radicals, will rejoice over… but, Farrakhan does miss one thing, the kind of “new beginning” that he speaks of will only happen if Conservatives let it happen. It will only happen if we sit back and do nothing. It will only happen if we don’t fight hard enough. It will only happen if we don’t go all in to stop it.

So, clearly, we must do all we can to make sure a “new beginning” made in the image of Obama and praised by the likes of Louis Farrakhan never becomes reality.

I guess the only question left now is when will Bill Ayres or Rashid Khalidi make their celebration speeches?

UPDATE: Looks like Oprah and Father Pfleger have given their celebration speeches as well… (so does