Why does the rest of Pennsylvania like Democrats?

I mean they keep calling us all racists… So why does anybody vote for them?

Especially in the case of Rendell and Murtha.

Do Pa dems and independents think they’re racists? Do they like being labeled as such?

Personally when people, especially people who have never met me, call me racist simply because I did or didn’t vote a certain way it pisses me off.

So why doesn’t it piss anybody else in this state off?

UPDATE: Murtha ducks and covers…

UPDATE: Murtha is back, he’s calling us all rednecks now

UPDATE: People of the 12th district of Pennsylvania, you do have a choice.

UPDATE: Hope after all?

UPDATE: Bill Russel is winning?

UPDATE: Big guns come out for the Russel Brigade and Murtha contiues being an old hag…

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One thought on “Why does the rest of Pennsylvania like Democrats?”

  1. But otoh try being African American and NOT voting for Obama (I won’t be voting for him and some of my family is not speaking to me). Yeah that’s some weird stuff. Isn’t it ironic when people say that you have the freedom to vote and suddenly in this so-called democracy, you’re automatically a racist when you want to express your right to vote. Obama is going to win by “guilt” votes. Wow, that’s a smart idea.

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