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McCain in the debate, good or bad? What do you think?

I didn’t get to watch so I’m asking you guys…

From the play by play over at Malkin it sounds to me like McCain killed. And thats impressive coming from someone like Malkin.

But what I really want to know is what my (awesomely brilliant) readers think. Did McCain win? If he did was it by enough? What was your favorite moment from the debate?


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Probably Mccain’s best debate but not good enough to change anything. OB very calm, speaking slowly and clearly. MC agressive, talking rapidly. Something wrong with MC’s eyes. His left eye very large and dialated.


I watched the entire debate, and I thought McCain dominated. At one point he literally rendered Obama speechless. This just might be the big pick-up his campaign needs.

Dave B

McCain won the debate, there is no doubt about it. He DID NOT need a “knockout” blow like the MSM was saying he needed. He just needed to win, to confront Obama directly about a variety of things, and stay alive. Does anyone believe there are as many “undecided voters” as are being reported? I draw the logical conclusion that a majority of these people are going to vote for McCain but they don’t want to come out and say it to pollsters. I think the “Bradley effect” in this particular election is non-existent because black voters will show up and vote. I do, however, believe that they have already been taken into account in the current polling and McCain is within striking distance. Since the polls always show higher numbers for Democrates (usually around 6 points)even this close to the election, AND I think there are a lot of women saying they’re voting for Obama yet when the curtain closes will vote for McCain because of Sarah Palin. Keep up your spirits. It’s closer than you think. Just wait and see.

Pedestrian Observer GB

Who won the debate is a contentious debatable issue depending on ones political leanings….. McCain would have scored big had he brought up Joe the Plunderer and not the “Future” earnings of Joe the Plumber. A premature gripe as in counting his chicks before the eggs hatches….

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