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Dora the Whore-a?

Check out this little tid-bit from CNN: Embedded video from <a href=”” mce_href=””>CNN Video</a> I wouldn’t be half surprised if she turns out the be dressed as a hooker. The sexualization of youth knows no boundaries…

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Don’t they get that image is… well, everything?

Seriously. What was one of Sarah Palin’s aides thinking when they described her two day trip to Arizona in order to prepare for her upcoming showdown with Joe Biden as “Debate Camp”. The same genius also referred to Sarah Palin as “SP”, I mean come on… what is this aide thinking? Are they trying to make her look less ready to lead? When you have a candidate whose biggest criticisms are that they are too young and inexperienced how can you refer to them in such an informal way when talking to the media? If you want to refute those

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