Valerie Jarrett Named White House Senior Adviser

In what appears to be a bit of good news Barack Obama named Valerie Jarrett as the White House senior adviser.

Now, the reason this is good news has to do with the fact that Obama had previously wanted the absurdly unqualified yes-woman, Jarrett, to replace him in the Senate.

To give you an idea of what I mean when I say Unqualified yes-woman here is how The New Republic described her:

“Jarrett’s cardinal role on the Obama campaign is to serve as an extension of the candidate. She is Obama’s eyes and ears at meetings and events. When she speaks, it is in his voice. She is often the one to deliver harsh truths to Obama–and to others on his behalf. And, when there is courting of vital constituencies to be done, Jarrett is an undisputed master.”

So yea the whole “extension of the candidate” description doesn’t make me feel confident in her ability to object to a decision by Obama with which she disagrees. Oh and the fact that shes never been elected to public office, or even run for that matter, makes that unqualified lable stick.

But, hey… I guess it could be worse.