An American Carol: I can’t wait

I’ve seen all the trailers and preview excerpts and my excitement only builds. And that actually surprises me since An American Carol is a conservative comedy which takes on Micheal Moore and the far-left. And nothing is more hit or miss than conservative comedy.

Often more miss than hit at that.

Think Half Hour News Hour…

And while David Zucker made Airplane! and the Naked Gun series… he also made the last two Scary Movies

But from everything I gather about the movie it actually seems like it should be hilarious.

1. The aforementioned Zucker can be hilarious and he seems especially interested in this movie besides he’s pretty much staked his career on it.

2. The movie, unlike the last two scary movies, is chock full o’ movie stars including, Kelsey Grammer, James Woods, Dennis Hopper, Leslie Nielsen, and so on.

3. The trailer and clips aren’t nearly as stupid as ones for epic movie, date movie, scary movie 4, and on and on and on. Plus many of the clips I’ve seen have actually exhibited the clever quips that made Airplane! a classic.

Ex: General George S. Patton (Kelsey Grammer) slaps Micheal Malone (Kevin Farley).

Patton: I am General George S. Patton.

Malone: That would explain the slapping…

4. The parody sites they’ve set up, like, are rolling on the floor funny.

5. It actually succeeds in reminding me of Scrubs, a show I love. I hope it can live up to that feeling.

Here’s the trailer. See what you think:


Here’s some promo clips:


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