Another Reason I’ll Never Buy a Microsoft Zune; Upate: Problem Fixes Itself?

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zuneAlready included in the list are all the reasons I would never buy an ipod either. Namely the fact that you can only use them with Apple (or Microsoft) software in order to get music and itunes (or the zune store or whatever the heck its called) is simply terrible.

Now massive failure on a grand scale will be added to the top of the list.

Guess I’ll have to stick with my trusty old Dell DJ from back in the day…

dell dj

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UPDATE: According to the Zune website the problem simply fixes itself once the clock strikes 12 noon tomorrow. I guess you could call this the Cinderella Virus?

UPDATE: CNN reports that it was pretty much a y2k glitch as the internal clock was so terribly programed that it couldn’t handle a leap year…

UPDATE: Yes, I realize that you can use other services to put songs (well, mp3s at least) onto ipods and zunes that you have bought but I am a subscription person myself and you certainly can’t use either an ipod or a zune with the Napster to go service that I massively prefer. And I find the kind of corporate protectionism that Apple pioneered and Microsoft copied completely unacceptable. If I pay a couple hundred for a piece of hard ware I damn well better be able to use it with the software I want, especially when it comes to something as simple as an mp3 player.

UPDATE: A big welcome to everybody coming from Instapundit

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9 thoughts on “Another Reason I’ll Never Buy a Microsoft Zune; Upate: Problem Fixes Itself?”

  1. You probably have already discussed this here, but Microsoft’s DRM restrictions are a sham. I downloaded lots of music legally from Microsoft but once I upgraded the CPU in my computer, the music refused to play. And if that wasn’t enough, there wasn’t a decent error message indicating what the problem might have been, the DRM scheme just assumed that I pirated the music. Two chat sessions (because Microsoft won’t publish a phone number) later, I got my music playing again. However, I refuse to put up with Microsoft’s (or anyone else’s for that matter) broken DRM scheme in the future.

  2. You analysis is not true. Use my iPod with my PC and MAC. You aren’t tied to iTunes or Microsoft coding oversight errors. Loaded most of my CD’s on my iPod so I can take them on the motorcycle. Can’t change CD’s on the bike, so put a couple hundred on the iPod and problem is solved. And I can burn my stuff to CD that I pick up off iTunes for backup. Of course I’ve never had to wait 24 hours for my iPod to reset because a snot nosed code jockey forgot to program in leap year either.

  3. you are a large scale SNIVELLER! i just read your crybaby sh*t on cnn. YOU SUCK. sorry, but someone needed to say it. go out and get yourself a real life. happy new year.

  4. “especially when it comes to something as simple as an mp3 player.”

    You do realize than an iPod is far more than an MP3 player. Right? Please feel free to get back with us when you can watch a movie, play a game, surf the web, check your stock portfolio and then listen to music, all on your Dellosaur.

  5. Hey Lou,

    Yea… you do know that pretty much all mp3 players comparable to an ipod can do those things. I could list the many different reasons I wouldn’t buy an ipod here (like the way its operating system works) but that’s not really the point of this.

    If it helps I think the iphone and itouch are relatively cool even if I wouldn’t buy one.

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