From the Right Side of Campus

Day: December 18, 2008

Finals Finally Finished

Thank God. Literally. He carried me through this insatiably difficult and stressful time. My 25 page senior paper is finished and turned in. I am done. Time for Thursday quarter wings! God bless, and feel free to share your finals stories, if you have any.

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Iraqi Shoe Thrower: Sorry for “Big and Ugly Act”

Just as the MSM and the left are glorifying the courageous act an Iraqi “journalist” committed when he threw his shoes at President Bush, the “journalist” himself has sent an apology letter to Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki. Yes, that’s right, at the same time Newsweek reporters are describing his acts as “a small measure of justice“, Muntadhar al-Zeidi called expressed his “regret and sorrow” for “the big and ugly act” he perpetrated. But, of course, don’t expect to see any of the MSM to take back their absurd assertions or, for that matter, even note the thrower’s apology. The apology

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