Oprah pulls an “Us Weekly” and pisses off fans by dissing Palin UPDATE: (many) Others jump on the “Us Weekly” boat

Apparently Oprah Winfrey and Us Weekly (and now MTV) need to do a little more market research and figure out that their audience consists of more that Huffpo readers and Obamatons because today the Drudge Report broke a story which claimed that Oprah is ignoring fans and staff requests to book Republican Vice Presidential pick Sarah Palin.

And according to Oprah’s response Drudge was wrong. You see, Oprah didn’t block Palin from coming on the show… as Oprah tells it, she never even considered it. Way to tamp down the controversy, people were upset that you didn’t want to book Palin so you tell them “don’t worry, its not that I don’t want to book her, its that I never even considered booking her”.

Although, just judging from the statement Oprah released, it seems that she must have considered booking her since she explains why she isn’t going to book her…

And whats that explanation?

Well, apparently, Oprah doesn’t want to use her show as political platform… as Malkin would say “snort”.

So then… its time to see whether the Oprah fans are as pissed off as the Us Weekly subscribers are.

Yup. Looks like it. (I hope they don’t suffer the same comment “glitch” that Us Weekly happened to suffer)

P.s. Will Oprah follow in Us Weekly’s footprints and start begging people not to be mad at them? (The begging continues)(More Us Weekly free give aways… guess they aren’t gonna bother trying to sell them anymore)

UPDATE: Looks like MTV has pulled an “Us Weekly” and gone Palin bashing… the new sport of fancy on the left. Here’s what happened (here’s video of a Geico caveman bashing palin and her family) and here’s the reaction.

UPDATE: Us Weekly manages to out “Us Weekly” themselves…

UPDATE: Who will be the first major “news organization” to run with this story? (I’m betting on CNN)

SHOCKING UPDATE: Even the nut bags over at the Democratic Underground have experienced Palin Bashing Backlash from pulling an “Us Weekly”… wow

YET ANOTHER UPDATE: Will the “Us Weekly” moments never stop? Here’s a new one from an author who I can only assume was on crack at the time he penned this masterpiece over at salon.com… and of course, the reaction. (more mixed but still exceedingly negative for a site like salon)

WILL THE UPDATES EVER STOP?: Who’s turn is it this time? looks like its Perez Hilton… Here’s the post and the reaction all at once this time. (on a side note… compare the picture of Perez in this Malkin post to the cartoon of Perez on his site, then compare both to the picture of Palin)

A REAL BITCH OF AN UPDATE: (sorry for the profanity but wow is it appropriate) The Washington Post and Newsweek have apparently decided to pull a collaborative “Us Weekly” by letting a woman who can only be described as an absolute bitch post this pile of excrement on their shared website. Here’s the reaction which is all too predictable, yet somehow unseen by anyone at either publication. (Hotair plucked this passage so you don’t have to torture yourself and read the entire thing…)

SICK UPDATE: Looks like the Palin bashing has hit the streets…

IF YOU THINK RAPE IS FUNNY THEN THIS IS HILARIOUS UPDATE: This disgusting insert-four-letter-word-here finally suffers the consequences for here gang-rape related US Weekly moment.

EVEN FOX NEWS UPDATE: Yup… Even Fox News pulls an US Weekly.

ANYBODY SURPRISED? UPDATE: NBC puts Olbermann on Football Night in America. Olbermann manages to pull an Us Weekly.

INEVITABLE UPDATE: Inevitably some one was gonna make up some idiotic claim that Palin is a racist for some idiotic reason. Here is that Us Weekly moment.

US WEEKLY MOMENT OR NOT, YOU DECIDE UPDATE: Its borderline at least… Newsweek does an extreme close up on Palin with no retouching.

NEWSWEEK USES FASHION IDIOT TO TRY AND BASH PALIN UPDATE: This dolt proves that she isn’t qualified to write about anything beyond Jennifer Lopez’s wedgies.

IN MY OWN BACKYARD UPDATE: Not surprisingly some people in Philly want to stone Sarah Palin…

ROSEANNE IS APPARENTLY STILL ALIVE UPDATE: Oh yea, shes also a nut job who thinks Sarah Palin is trying to incite a race war.

VIEW IDIOTS BEING VIEW IDIOTS UPDATE: They’re still laying it on thick…

ANYBODY WHO GOES TO COLLEGE SURPRISED BY THIS UPDATE: I’m certainly not… Nut job professor let off with a warning after forcing students to write Us Weekly-ish essays.

13 thoughts on “Oprah pulls an “Us Weekly” and pisses off fans by dissing Palin UPDATE: (many) Others jump on the “Us Weekly” boat”

  1. Fed up with Oprah and her bias? You pay her salary when you buy products from her advertisers.

    Here’s a list of some of them from her site:

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    Let them know you are NOT happy with them supporting politically biased shows like Oprah!

  2. I am on Oprah’s side. She made her choice and she is sticking with it. No McCain or Palin on her show until after the election. ITA, it’s not personal it’s business.

  3. I was just over at Oprama’s website. You should see the huge number of women who have just joined just so they could tell Oprama exactly how they feel about her dissing Palin.

    Oprah is a RACIST and a BIGGOT!!!
    Just like the DemocRATic party, there is NO ROOM for any woman who is not pro-DEATH/pro-infanticide or Feminazi!

    I, for one, am truly glad that she’s showing her true colors, so those squeeling mindless twits will wake up!

  4. Jes Anna… Did you even glance at the Oprah forum? How could you possibly think this is good for business? I mean when has looking like a complete hack ever been good for business?

  5. Anyone who lets Palin be anywhere near the presidency is a fool. As a McCain supporter I am appalled he picked her. He is just pandering to the religious nuts in the ultra conservative base of my party and hoping a political stunt can pull him from the fire. So far so good, but she is a horrible choice and I hope no one notices. I also agree with the press on this one, if she is soo very qualified let her answer all of their questions. If she cant face Chris Matthews how will she face Putin or Quadafi? It is not sexist or mean to ask her what ever questions they want. If shes a big girl and has nothing to hide I say bring it on. I am so disappointed in McCain for this crap.

  6. OK, I get it. It’s despicable “bashing” when a Deocratic supporter says something you don’t like about a Republican, but when some knuckle-dragging, drooling, neanderthal from the right attacks a Democrat, such as continuing to claim Obama is a Muslim (as but one example), that’s considered to be a Righteous and Good Thing. I’d suggest you look up the word “hypocrite” in the dictionary, but the definition would sail far above your head.

    Any sane Republican must seriously question the judgement of John McCain for picking Palin. There’s a fairly good chance that she’ll be President if McCain gets elected, given his age and health. If she were a viable contender for the job, she would have been a candidate for it and would have won the nomination. That neither of those things happened clearly shows she is not qualified to be President.

    Jon Stewart was absolutely correct in pointing out that Palin wants people to respect her daughter’s decision (aka “choice), while at the same time wanting the government to make that choice for all other women. If she can’t respect other women’s ability to make their own decision, she has no right asking for her decision to be respected. I’d really like to know how much pressure she put on her daughter before she made “her” decision, too.

  7. Jeff, you’re a dumbass for so many reasons that it would be an obnoxious waste of time to try and list them all.

    Mackeaveli (you spelled his name wrong by the way), anytime someone (like yourself) sites Matt Damon (you spelled his name wrong by the way) it should be an immediate red flag as to your intelligence for anyone with the ability to reason…

  8. Jeff, the only hypocrite around here is you. You complain about us getting upset at namecalling and criticism, yet here you are, calling us names. You get what you give. You call us names, we call you names.

    You are a twatwaffle douchebag of the lowest order who probably eats shit for breakfast. You are a rotten socialist who does not put any value on individual liberties, but wants everyone in this nation to be a mindless, sexed up, drug addicted lemming, completely and wholly dependent on a nanny state. I don’t want to be anything like you, so that is why I won’t vote Democrat.

    The Democrat party’s policies are among the worst things to have happened to this country, and no good has ever come of a Democrat administration. That is a fact that should be obvious to all.

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