Barack Obama: Messiah or Greek God?

By now I’m sure that we have all heard the Messianic claims of “The One”. You know, things like “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal” or “a light will shine down, from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany and you will say to yourself, I have to vote for Barack” (outlined ever so subtly in this McCain ad). And its clear by the undying devotion of the Obamatrons that he is not the only one who believes that he has “become a symbol of America returning to our best traditions”.

But it seems that Obama is tired of being seen as a mere Messiah and wants to go for a somewhat more mythical appearance. Or atleast that’s what the stage at his inaugural spe… opps, I mean nomination acceptance speech would imply.

You see Obama has opted out of the traditional setting for an acceptance speech, (you know, big American flag, flashy American styled graphics on big screen tvs, American themed confetti and ballons falling from the ceiling) for a style more fitting of a Greek god (you know, big greek pilars, 80,000 cheering worshipe… opps, I mean supporters in a massive stadium, an epic finish with thousands of explosions that light up the sky and leave people in majestic awe… otherwise know as fireworks).

But hey the Messiah tag isn’t Obama’s fault, its McCain’s, right? So this Greek god talk must be McCain’s fault too! Right, OK wait… No. Actually, Obama’s Greek god status is apparently nothing compaired to McCain’s wealth. Yea, that one is gonna stick…

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11 thoughts on “Barack Obama: Messiah or Greek God?”

  1. Are you joking? Have you actually seen the stage hes suppost to speak at? The structure is not like anything in Washington… It does not resemble the white house by any means… It doesn’t look like the capitol or the Lincoln monument. At first glance it is almost similar to the 2004 Bush stage but on closer examination they really aren’t similar at all, save that they both have columns, and somehow I seriously doubt that the Obama campaign was trying to take after George Bush.

    But I understand what you’re saying… when I first heard about this, before I saw the pictures, I thought he was probably going for a presidential look. But now that I’ve seen the stage from many different angles, I have to say it is strikingly similar to a greek temple (whether they intended that or not).

  2. 1. Its nice to know that I’m a radical now… I guess Reuters is a radical conservative organization since they were the first ones to label the stage a temple.
    2. Again it seems like you’ve never actually looked closely at the pictures or maybe that you’ve never seen any building in Washington… just because a building has columns doesn’t mean it looks like every other building with columns.
    3. please watch this video and tell me again that Bush’s setting in 2004 (when he was already president) was anywhere near as self-important as Obama’s: httpv://

  3. umm…. first, radical conservatives are conservatives who support whatever their party’s talking points are… at least thats my definition of it.
    If you have seen any of the pictures today on the news, the setup looks pretty normal. As many buildings in washington, similar to the white house…
    Bush’s setup in ’04 made him look like he was emperor of an Empire. Barack’s looks he is trying to show he can fit in at the white house…
    the fact that this is an issue or even being discussed shows the pathetic level of sophistication of the political discourse has become in this nation…

  4. Yea, totally, cause you know… Bush gave his speech in a football stadium with 80,000 volunteers crying, cheering, and passing out at ever breath that their Messiah takes.

    Give the stupid Bush argument a rest… his stage and setting was massive, sure. Makes sense since he was ALREADY PRESIDENT. But Obama’s stage and setting is out of this world extravagant (80,000 seat stadium!)… and you’re gonna sit there and say bush’s acceptance speech was emperish?

    p.s. its funny that you said I follow the republican talking points since as I was writing this comment I heard Robert Gibbs of the Obama campaign make the same weak “Bush did it too” argument that you’re sticking to.

  5. by no means am i comparing the speech or location to bush. Bush couldn’t find 80,000 friendlies to give a speech to in the New York area. As i remember it, he couldnt even fill MSG without having numerous hecklers…
    His setup, his stage, the thing you are bitching about is what made Bush look Emperorish. Obama’s setup looks pretty benign.
    I base what I say on the reality. This post seemed to be just following the talking points….

  6. Ha… reality? Are you sure that’s where you’re based?

    and in this “reality” Bush is an emperor, Obama’s massive stadium speech setting is benign, and I’m a soulless “radical conservative” who can’t think for himself? Right?

    and lets make it clear… I’m not bitching about Obama’s setting, I’m simply pointing out how self-important he seems from this action (and many others).

  7. I never said bush was an emperor, or u are soulless, or that you cannot think for yourself (just that you do not think for yourself, i bet you are very capable).
    And if you watched the speech, by no means did it look like a greek temple. It was clearly a white house-esque setting.

  8. Well I am glad that you clarified those points… Honestly, this was just a fluff piece. Sure, I really do think it looks like a greek temple rather than anything in Washington (due to the curved and different sized columns). I also can’t imagine that’s what they intended (though I’m not sure what exactly it was that they intended).

    What I think is truly important about his speech (other than the content) is the ridiculous ego that comes out in the way he did it. He left the place where everyone else in the party spoke in order to address his adoring masses…

    I mean an 85,000 seat stadium to accept a nomination? Doesn’t that seem a little over the top and arrogant to you?

  9. If he paid people to be there maybe… but all the people wanted to be there…
    Bush did numerous rallies like that in 2004. I know he had a rally at the ballpark in Cincinnati, I think that held at least 40,000 (just a guess).
    If you can get the audience, its something to be proud of… not arrogant… complaining that he can draw a huge crowd is ignorant…

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