Video from Sarah Palin on SNL

Here it is in all its mediocre glory:

Personally I think it was decently funny, the Mark Wahlberg cameo was actually the funniest part in my mind, but it could have been much better. They easily could have done a skit where Palin spoofs Fey and it would have been far funnier. I mean they had Palin there and they barely had her involved in anything… it was a below average night for SNL, something that is more and more common these days.

Here is the other Mark Wahlberg skit that was far more hilarious than either of the Sarah Palin skits:

Some guy wants SNL to “Decimate” Sarah Palin

I think his name is Chevy Chase? I’m not quite sure who he is…

Maybe he was famous before I was born? and not since then…

From the video (included below) it seems maybe he was a comedian? I mean he seems to be trying to make jokes, I think.

Idk… he looks and sounds like hes about 90 years old. Yet I still can’t imagine how he became famous in the first place?

Maybe he was in silent films? Seems to me thats the only way that people could have bared him.

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