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A Father’s Greatest Duty

A father’s greatest duty is to protect his family. Johnny Bridges was forced to fulfill that duty late last week. According to ABC Cleveland, three armed men grabbed Mr. Bridges’s fiancé as she left the family’s home to take their kids to camp. Thankfully Mr. Bridges saw the men accosting his fiancé and was able to grab his firearm. As the armed criminals tried to force Mr. Bridges’s fiancé back into the home he shot one of the men and forced them to flee. His fiancé and kids are now safe thanks to his actions. “I just wanted to make

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Battered Wife Uses Gun to Stop Husband’s Attack

WRIC is reporting that a woman in Chesterfield Virginia used a gun to shot her husband as he was attacking her. Witnesses reportedly corroborate the woman’s claim that she used the gun in self-defense. The man is apparently in the hospital and awaiting charges while the woman is not expected to be charged. “We determined there was a domestic altercation and the wife had acted in self-defense” said Chesterfield Police lieutenant RandyHorowitz. (h/t Guns Save Lives) WRIC Richmond News and Weather – If not for the firearm she used, how would this woman have stopped her attack? Without the gun

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