Obama’s Broken Promises

Back before the election, President Obama made promises about what he would do as President. Since his obamaInauguration, the President has broken many of these pledges. Who could have seen this coming? Remember the promise of no lobbyists in the Obama Administration? He broke that, as seen in the list of lobbyists in top jobs.

Then there was the promise of no earmarks. When he addressed Congress in February after the “Stimulus Bill”, President Obama said that “we passed the recovery plan free of earmarks”. However, even Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was popping up behind the President with thunderous applause, received $30M for her district to protect a mouse. Then there was the budget to fund the government for the rest of the year. In it there were an estimated 9,000 earmarks, totaling more than $5B. Another promise broken.

Finally, there was the no tax increases for “families making less than $250,000”. Well, Mr. President. How do you explain supporting a tax on energy, health care benefits, and all items? If the White House supported American Clean Energy and Security Act passes the Senate (which will be difficult), President Obama will place an outrageous tax on all those who drive a car or flip on a light switch, which is to say, nearly every single American. Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) estimates that this legislation would amount to be a $2 trillion tax increase to businesses and consumers.

Also, remember back when then-candidate-Obama slammed Senator McCain for proposing to tax health care benefits? Well that issue has gone a full circle as President Obama is not ruling out taxing these benefits. Back in the campaign, Obama called this “the largest middle-class tax increase in history”. But this would contradict his claim that the middle class will not see an extra dime in more taxes.

If that is not enough, the White House is looking at a national sales tax. This value-added tax is commonly used in Europe, and everyone sees how well Europe is doing in this economic slump with their high taxes. Way to keep your promises, Mr. President.

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