Bumbling Idiot Could Be Gone Soon

Yea… I know, when you read the title of this post you got your hopes up that I was talking about Bobblehead Barack but alas, I’m talking about our bumbling idiot:

michael steele

Yup. That’s right, our fearless semi-leader could be ousted from the RNC soon. If you believe the rumors (H/T AOL):

According to multiple former high-level RNC staffers familiar with the dynamics involved, Steele is unlikely to survive in the post if favored Republican Jim Tedisco loses his open-seat race to Democrat Scott Murphy. The special election, scheduled for March 31, is to fill a vacancy left when Kirsten Gillibrand took Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.

If Tedisco loses, the ex-staffers said, “Steele is done.”

Completely, definitively?


And I say if you believe the rumors for a reason. Especially since there are two different accounts of Steele’s fate:

a no confidence vote on RNC Chairman Michael Steele is likely to be called after the NY-20 special election on March 31 — regardless of whether Republicans win the seat or not.

I half wish these rumors were true. I say half because while Steele’s idiotic performance from an organizational stand point thus far, his increasing liberalism, and his ridiculous and failed attempt to take on Rush Limbaugh it would be disastrous to replace him at this point. Yes, it true that the party will likely continue to falter under Steele’s “guidance” but the firestorm that would result from an ousting of the head of the RNC (and arguably the face of the party) this early on without some sort of catastrophic failure on his part would be far worse than keeping him on… for the moment.

All of us who want Steele gone before he goes further off the deep end must bide our time. If the current trend continues it wont be long until Steele does something worthy of an ouster. We need to find a way to get rid of him with the smallest amount of “the Republican party is imploding” talk as possible.

Be patient. Let Steele evict himself from the RNC chairmanship. It will come, we only need to be ready when it does.

UPDATE: Hello to everybody from Ace of Spades HQ… make sure you stop by Hot Air and vote on whether you want Steele to be ousted…

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6 thoughts on “Bumbling Idiot Could Be Gone Soon”

  1. Ick.

    I haven’t been impressed either by Steele’s performance thus far, but I fear the medias and the African-American’s communities reaction if he’s ousted by the RNC. He needs to be asked, “For the best of the party to step down.” I know if he steps down because of his “bumbling” his career in politics will be over. But it time for him to fall on his sword for the good of the party and ultimately the country.

  2. The RNC staking the future of their chairman based on a NYS special election for an assembly seat (where the majority is overwhelmingly Democrat) and the seat they’re seeking was in Democrat hands?

    I’d say that they’re already stacking the deck against Steele continuing as head of the RNC.

  3. I think worrying about how will look is also, at least in part, a worry as to how the media will make this look. The media is going to make it look bad no matter how he leaves, and I gotta believe people won’t care about his getting the boot two or three months from now, so let’s give him the boot he deserves.

    Right now, people already think the Republicans are leader-less, flailing about looking for their core principles, so the harm is already done — let’s take advantage of this.

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