Chavez: Obama has ‘Same Stench’ as Bush

Fox reports:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez apparently doesn’t appreciate BarackĀ Obama’s classifying him as a supporter of the Colombian terror group, FARC, likening the president-elect’s odor to that of Chavez’s nemesis, President Bush.

In an interview airing on Venezuelan television and reported by The Washington Post Monday, Chavez said Obama has “the same stench” as Bush. The comment harkens back to September 2006, when Chavez addressed the United Nations General Assembly after Bush and said he could still smell the “sulfur” the U.S. president left behind at the podium.

I’m not worried though, once our savior descends to Venezuela to meet with Chavez I am positive that his mere presence will bring about such overwhelming hope and change that Chavez will immediately repent of his evil ways and fall to his knees in loving adoration.

I mean it worked on the media… so why not?

Though, I suppose, if any of this is going to be possible than Chavez will have to get past his desire to control his country and the rest of South America. Oh, and he’ll probably have to stop saying that Obama only opposes him because something called “the empire” will kill him if he doesn’t:

“If he doesn’t obey the orders of the empire, they’ll kill him,” Chavez said, without naming who “they” are.


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