Joe Biden is a whinny little girl…

Here’s more proof (via Malkin):


P.s. CBS 3 won’t post the video of the interview. I’m not surprised since, much like the rest of the MSM, they are complete hacks who consider journalistic integrity as a embarrassment… Absolutely pathetic.

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5 thoughts on “Joe Biden is a whinny little girl…”

  1. We all know if McCain, Palin, or any other Republican had had a temper-tantrum like this, the MSM would be all over it. But, of course, whining has been and always be the language of liberalism.

  2. biden is about a heart beat away from a mental ward.i feel he is a very sick person he also is a very hateful person and one of the best liars for who you want thats the american way but this man is sick in the head.he should not even be a sen. palin anyday

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