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Day: October 24, 2008

Gone for the weekend…

I’m gonna be away from internet access this weekend so The College Politico won’t be getting any updates until Sunday at the earliest. If you’re looking for more on the Ashly Todd story I suggest Hot Air or Michelle Malkin. And if you’re looking for other political news I suggest you check out my blog roll over to the right. Thats where I get a lot of my news from so its a good place to start. Anyway, have a good weekend and don’t forget to stop back Sunday night. -CP

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Ashley Todd admits making up story to Police; Update: Todd still saying insane things to Police

Ok, NOW there is credible evidence that she made it all up. Someone from the Pittsburgh Police department has told KDKA, Pittsburgh’s CBS affiliate, that Ashley Todd has admitted to making up the story. NOW everyone feel free to pile on this liar. NOW we have good evidence that she did, in fact, make this up. NOW AND ONLY NOW. Michelle Malkin’s first instincts were correct on this one (and Ace and Allah too) but I still disagree with people’s first reaction to this story and some of Malkin’s implications. The fact that Ashley Todd turned out to be a

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The Ashley Todd attack, some updates. Malkin goes beyond “healthy skepticism”

UPDATE: Ashley Todd admits making up the whole story to Police (click here for more) So, in case you haven’t heard yet, Ashley Todd is the McCain staffer who reported being robbed and then attacked in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania last night because she had McCain sticker on her car . I covered the attack and subsequent reactions here. Not surprisingly there are some new developments this morning. From everything credible I can gather there isn’t anything that has changed my mind one way or the other. I am still giving her the benefit of the doubt on this because I still

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