Did Greg Gutfeld plagiarize Catherine McNicol Stock? I say, yes!

What else could explain the identical structure, basic claims, and ultimate conclusions of their two latest pieces? Clearly Gutfeld is a sick maniacal scum bag!

How dare he steal work from the beautiful (I’m assuming) and brilliant (this one is self-evident) Catherine McNicol Stock!

But don’t take my word for it, check out their two articles yourself.

Here is the insightful and poetic masterpiece by Ms. McNicol Stock: Intolerance thrives in Palin’s Pacific Northwest

Here is the trashy and lowbrow crap-fest by Gutfeld (here’s the video): Sarah Palin’s Murderous Web Of Death

I’m just glad that Gutfeld’s plagiarizing punditry is relegated to 3am on some channel I’ve never heard of and no one who plagiarizes like him is in or running for a position of importance in this country!

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3 thoughts on “Did Greg Gutfeld plagiarize Catherine McNicol Stock? I say, yes!”

  1. You actually belived Greg? That was dripping with typical Gutfeld sarcasm. He was making fun of those trashing Palin. Watch his 3AM show sometime and you will get the joke.

  2. Haha… yea you got it right the second time. I guess my sarcasm was a little more subtle than Greg’s…

    P.s. I enjoy Red eye for the most part… its a little libertarian for me but I still watch.

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