Remembering that day

If you’ve visited my blog before you probably know that I try to post an article one or twice a day on the news surrounding political events of the day. However, on this day, I feel it necessary to forgo my usual routine and take this time to remember.

However, at the same time, I feel that anything I try and write here will inevitably fall short of what is required to honor those who gave their lives that day. Instead I will leave you with a video tribute. It is a simple slide show of pictures set to the song Believe by Yellow Card, a song which never ceases to strike the deepest chords within my heart.


And as we remember those lost on that day we must also remember to be vigilant because if there is one lesson to be learned it is that we are truly engaged in the most important struggle with evil that this world may ever see. That is why I encourage all of you to view the documentary Obsession.

Lest we forget what spawned the events of that day. Lest we forget what we are fighting. Lest we forget.

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