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Check Out My Article on Pajamas Media

Yea… I know. I just ripped Pajamas Media for their crappy management of their soon to be defunct ad network but, hey, they’re still a major conservative media outlet. Anyway, the article is about the fallacy of positive rights and entitlement. Enjoy! -CP

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Pajamas Media No Longer Paying Any Attention to the Ads it Runs

So… now that we are in the last days of the Pajamas Media blog advertising network it seems they’ve completely given up screening the ads it runs on its affiliate’s sites. I say this because of these beauties that I found on none other than (click to enlarge): Here it is closer up: Here’s the ad this banner leads to: Yea… somehow I don’t think that blatantly pro-Obama ads from the New York Times of all places are going to get good click-through rates. This makes me wonder if anybody at PJM is even bothering to look through the

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