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Terrorist Lego Causes Idiotic Controversy

Yes, that’s right, a little Lego figure is apparently offending people left and right. Now, mind you, those offended appear to be either completely and utterly misinformed or just plain stupid. Our story begins with a small family-run Lego customizing business known as BrickArms. This company makes little Lego weapons and customizes Lego figurines to look like military icons and their enemies. Included in the enemies column is an Islamic-terrorist character. And there’s where the fun begins… You see, somehow some people, who must have be barred from playing with action figures as children, looked at this terrorist Lego figurine

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Sharia law now enforced in… Britian?

How is this possible? Here’s the story from the UK’s TimesOnline. Now before we all get to hysterical over this it seems that this was less an act of the British government and more a bit of acrobatic loophole diving on the part of Muslim Arbitration Tribunal. And it seems that the court only has authority if both sides agree to give it authority. But, none the less, “rulings issued by a network of five sharia courts are enforceable with the full power of the judicial system”. A development that is quite disturbing.

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