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Month: July 2009

Second Stimulus?

The economy continues to dwindle in these harsh economic times.  Job losses have fallen in every month since January and the unemployment rate, 9.4%, is at a twenty-six year low.  Based on these statistics, Congress has asked themselves if a second stimulus bill is needed.  Let me give you a quick answer, NO! Let’s go back to the first stimulus, named the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The enormous $787 billion bill failed according to President Barack Obama’s predictions. While campaigning for its vote, Obama stated that without this very important bill, the unemployment rate will rise to

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Obama’s Broken Promises

Back before the election, President Obama made promises about what he would do as President. Since his Inauguration, the President has broken many of these pledges. Who could have seen this coming? Remember the promise of no lobbyists in the Obama Administration? He broke that, as seen in the list of lobbyists in top jobs. Then there was the promise of no earmarks. When he addressed Congress in February after the “Stimulus Bill”, President Obama said that “we passed the recovery plan free of earmarks”. However, even Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was popping up behind the President with thunderous applause,

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Introducing JNuzzi08

Listen up fan folk! The College Politico has a new contributor who goes by the fanciful name of JNuzzi08. He  is quite smart and competent. So treat him right. Thanks, CP Ps. I’ll be working on my super top ultra secret new mysterious project and won’t be able to post on The College Politico much but JNuzzi08 should keep you happy and I’ll look into adding some more contributors soon.

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