If Only Christopher Buckley Was Half as Intelligent as He Fancies Himself to be

And if only he was half as intelligent as his father.

Alas, he’s a moron.

Christopher Buckley

(Photo courtesy of Steve Giralt)

After his shocking realization that just because someone is pompous enough to write two autobiographies before accomplishing anything significant with their life doesn’t mean they are presidential he re-affirmed his presidential pick (H/T Hot Air). But, of course, his reassurance does little more than insult John McCain and Sarah Palin as well as heaping a heavy load of absurdly naive hope on Barack Obama. I guess you can’t teach an old fool… well, anything:

I’ll cop to getting Obama wrong, though it seems a bit early to give up on him entirely; who knows, perhaps he’ll view this egregious budget misstep as a “teachable moment.”

or, in other words, Buckley still thinks Obama isn’t a hard core liberal ideologue…

Our choice, last fall, was between an angry 73 year old with a legislative record far from consistently conservative, who nominated as his running mate a know-nothing religious extremist; on the other side was an appealing, thoughtful man who–for a brief shining moment–seemed to be more than the sum of his ideological parts.

If I had to vote all over again, I’d pull the same lever. Maybe I’m obtuse. Or maybe I just haven’t yet entirely given up on the old audacity of hope.

Yea… I can’t stand this guy. Not in the least.

UPDATE: Hello everyone from Ace of Spades HQ. Make yourselves at home and try not to break anything…

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9 thoughts on “If Only Christopher Buckley Was Half as Intelligent as He Fancies Himself to be”

  1. Why are man crushes so hard to get over for some people?

    Dr. Sowell cut through this crap last year before the election but nobody listened to him. He asked a simple question to those “ObamaCons” planning to vote for Obama:

    “Just what evidence do you have, that he’s anything but a hard-left ideologue?”

    We can ask the same question now. Any conservative who has his eyes open knows what the answer is.

  2. OK, you’re obtuse, and an amazing snob. Obama has proven to be exactly who Sarah Palin warned he was, except now he and his cronies have the White House.

    But he is a Hervard man and that is what matters.

  3. Hmmmm.

    A “teachable moment”??

    Obama has spent $787 BILLION. Will spend $410 BILLION. Is planning on spending $3.66 TRILLION.

    I may be guessing here but I think I can safely say that such “teachable moments” are getting a bit hard to afford.

  4. What ever happened to the subjunctive mood: “If only Buckley WERE half as intelligent…..”

    Yeah, it’s a grammar flame, but to well-educated people the “was” makes the writer sound like Cletus on The Simpsons.

    Or maybe his lovely bride Brandine.

    (ditto with the “someone….their life”. Should be “his”.

  5. ah yes… grammar and spelling have always been and will always be the death of me.

    In fact, I think there are some grammatical errors in what I just wrote.

  6. Chris Buckley and Meghan McCain: President and Vice President of “RINOs Eager To Advance Artful Democratic Spin” — a.k.a. “RETARDS”.

  7. Any thoughts on Barack’s little lying habit, Chrissy?

    It’s about time this President was asked about his incredulous statements and disingenuous “goals”- for Obama to portray himself as some sort of deficit hawk just three days after signing the largest spending bill in US history is like Josef Stalin giving a speech deploring conditions in the Siberian gulag.

    Then they’ll be “no lobbyists” in his cabinet… except for these three. And they’ll all be ethical… except for a few tax cheats. All his pledges are like what you get from a used-car salesman; they’re just a means-to-an-end with him… and the expriration-date is tomorrow.

    He’s been writing his own story as the MSM just parrots it for FAR too long, and very little of it squares-up with reality. Barack Obama is habitually dishonest… and maybe he should finally get called-out on some of his incessant BS.

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