Swiss Vote to Give Heroin to Addicts

Chalk this one up as yet another reason I’m glad to be an American:

In a stroke of brilliance Swiss voters overwhelmingly approved state sponsored heroin distribution to the exact group of people you don’t want to give heroin to… addicts. The vote keeps in place a government program intended to slowly ease addicts off of heroin.

The idiotic rehab technique is controversial at best with the United States and even the U.N. narcotics board claiming it may actually fuel drug abuse. Gee… ya think so?

I think the best part of this whole story, though, has to be the fact that the very same voters who want to give out free heroin voted to keep marijuana off limits. Can you say irony? Because, apparently, the 35 year old Swiss musician the AP quoted on this can’t:

“I think it’s very important to help these people, but not to facilitate the using of drugs,” Borer said. “You can just see in the Netherlands how it’s going. People just go there to smoke.”

Yea… giving heroin to addicts doesn’t facilitate their use of drugs at alllllllllll.

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2 thoughts on “Swiss Vote to Give Heroin to Addicts”

  1. Wow, your obviously have put a lot of thought and research into your post, I’m so glad I spent the time to read it. I guess the American war on drugs has been going so well for the last 40 years that the world should stop doing medical trials (for say 15 years) and just do what America says instead of having a democratic process. Because you guys no-longer have drug addicts or ODs. With the world economic crisis in full swing and tax payer money being thrown around like confetti it must be comforting to know that the American economy still has one growth area; privet prisons. Much of this growth is incarcerations for non violent drug crimes which cost the American taxpayer the same amount as a college education per Annam( and give them an education in becoming a fully fledged crim instead of just a drug addict which no doubt is a great help the economy and the rest of your society). Murderous drug bosses love people like you only slightly less than drug uses because you help make them rich and need your policy’s and support. I don’t think they care about America having the largest per c prison in the world since they pay no tax.
    I guess I’ll just be accused as being anti-American or left wing so instead of writing any more ill just suggest you go to the Law Enforcement Against Prohibition web site, they have some experience in the dysfunctional system people like you force them to risk their lives in propping up so you can have a political identity and feel safe in a herd of lazy safe thinking.

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