Happy Birthday to Michelle Malkin

I just wanted to take a quick second and say Happy Birthday to Michelle Malkin.

As many of you who read The College Politico regularly know Michelle Malkin is a major source of news and perspective for me. I find her opinions and principles to be some of the most enlightening and consistant in the conservative movement. Not only that but I find her to be one of the foremost leaders of that movement.

Plus Michelle is doing almost exactly what I hope to do in my career, producing insightful, vivid, and clever commentary that cuts to the heart of an issue and enables people understand and connect with it. I hope some day I can write and speak with half the briliance Michelle Malkin displays on a daily basis.

So I hope that you stop over at this link and wish her a happy birthday.

UPDATE: Michelle’s birthday wish

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One thought on “Happy Birthday to Michelle Malkin”

  1. I feel I have seen just about everything. I read the list of names and their professions; I am shocked at the support that they give to the out and out radical terrorist, Bill Ayres. He is a coward and hides behind “Academic Freedom” to promote his left wing, no, anti-American beliefs. I am 73 years of age, I joined the USNR when I was 17. I was willing to fight for my country. Bill Ayers, was willing to fight against my country! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet him during his active days, I know many young lads would like to have confronted him and put him out of business! I would support him, if he were running for; “Spineless Bomber of the Year!”

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