From the Right Side of Campus

Day: October 13, 2008

Obama wants to “spread the wealth around”

So, yea, I’m sure everybody already figured that out but I’m just as sure that nobody expected him to just outright say it… Here’s the story. This won’t be good for Obama because it is a short soundbite friendly gaffe. I don’t know how far this story will go but at least its a plus McCain-Palin. (Reaction from Malkin and Hotair) FINALLY UPDATE: A spreadable butter based ideology (Hat tip: Malkin) THE PLUMBER IS NOT HAPPY UPDATE: Just to echo Allah, Joe Wurzelbacher needs to be in a McCain ad NOW. JOE WURZELBACHER FOR PRESIDENT? UPDATE: Malkin seems to think

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Bristol Palin watch out… The AP has a crush on Levi Johnston

Yea, you read it right. The Associated Press seems to have a crush on Levi Johnston, which is obviously odd considering the fact that the AP has been so very unfriendly and unprofessional towards the Palins. On second thought though… I guess only one thing changed. Now instead of being unfriendly and unprofessional they are too friendly and unprofessional. I mean this article, while less deranged than their others, still fails the test of legitimacy for a professional news agency. Just look at some of these quotes from the article (my emphasis added): “Johnston, a Wasilla heartthrob, said he wanted

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