From the Right Side of Campus

Day: August 19, 2008

Tropic Thunder, offensive or hillarious?

There is some controversy swirling around the first movie that was able to unseat The Dark Knight. That movie is, of course, Tropic Thunder. Now I went to see Tropic Thunder Friday night after having read about the problems some groups had with the movie. Considering I went back a second time the next night you might be able to figure out which side of the debate I came down on. But you might be wondering why. Well… the accusations being leveled at Tropic Thunder are that it harshly insults the mentally disabled and specifically intends to do so. Some

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Where’s the windfall tax, Obama?

Apparently its time to add yet another industry to the list of those who have a larger profit margin than the oil industry. Already included in that list are industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, Telecomm services, and software. But while those industries can have up to a 20% profit margin, oil is at about 7%, the new addition to the list really jacks up the price for their product, so high that 87.5% of it is pure profit! The only ones capable of such outrageous windfall profit-mongering are those despicable capitalist-pig corporations, you say? well… not exactly. I’m

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