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It was the final authority in medical matters in Europe for nearly six centuries and is still taught wherever Islamic medicine has survived to this day in such land as Pakistan and India. Clement of Alexandria mentioned that "the Arabs worship stone". Whereupon "she conceived the child, and withdrew him to a far place."11 After His birth, when Mary brought the infant to her people they rebuked her for infamy. The Koran offers a theology that is distinctly anti-Christ, claiming a method of salvation based entirely upon works."

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Wearing a head scarf or dressing modestly tells a man that he should value a woman for her intelligence,values,and beliefs rather than her beauty. I think there is a lot to learn from traditions like the hijab. Sadly, we live in a society where your skin color,your ethnicity,or your beauty can give you certain advantages in life both professionally and personally They herded them into synagogues and set the buildings alight. The Crusaders killed so many Jews in the name of their Christian faith that it was the most stunning demographic blow to European Jewry until the Holocaust descargar. But he went one step further than his fellow pagan Arabs. While they believed that Allah, i.e. the Moon-god, was the greatest of all gods and the supreme deity in a pantheon of deities, Muhammad decided that Allah was not only the greatest god but the only god Your religion is hell and is leading you to hell! There is eternal life in heaven with Jesus/Yahushua not Allah and Satanic Islam! It is about time the Islamic world formulates a fresh school of thought that reconciles Islam with the contemporary, modern world. Islamic intellectuals, indeed, facilitated European exit out of Dark Ages, and sometimes it appears the Islamic world is now reverting in that direction." [comments sent directly to this site] Graduate of the Carlson School of Business Business women, social worker and writer] "There are many verses in the Quran that lay down, explicitly or implicitly, that a faith is not acceptable before God if it is not substantiated by reason and free will , source: China is not immune from the new tide of ethnic nationalism and �primordial politics� sweeping Europe, Africa, and Asia in the post-Cold War period. Much of it is clearly a response to globalization in terms of localization: an increasing nationalism arising from the organization of the world into nation-states , source: Overall, the research data provides empirical evidence that Islam is well on the way to overtaking Roman Catholicism as the dominant religion in France. This trend is also reflected in the fact that mosques are built mostly in France that are Roman Catholic churches; nearly 150 new mosques are currently under construction in France. The total number of mosques in France has already doubled to more than 2,000 during just the past decade, according to a research report "Constructing Mosques: The Governance of Islam in France and the Netherlands."

The Messenger (saw) told of some of these and how they will be fulfilled , source: So, Allah declared through quran that it will be considered as insult to his prophet if some word is used for his prophet which has abusive meaning in any language of the universe eventhough there is no intention to do any kind of insult. The history of descending this ayat was that the companions of prophet(pbuh) used to say the word raaenaa just to request the repetition of meaning what prophet talked of during holy speeches , cited: The Arabic word for mosque is masjid, which means a "place of prostration" before God. Mosques are mentioned in the Qur'an, and the earliest model for a mosque was the residence that the prophet Muhammad built when he moved to Medina ref.:
Uthman was murdered by mutinous soldiers in 656, provoking a civil war over the succession, and laying the foundation for an eventual split. Ali, the son-in-law of Muhammad, who had married his daughter Fatima, became Caliph. Ali moved the capital from Media to Kufa, in what is now Iraq. The Arabian peninsula, which had spawned Islam, remained an important religious center and the site of the holy pilgrimage to Mecca, but it was politically eclipsed and did not play an important part in the subsequent expansion of Islam , cited: Only the men of Kufa refused the new edition, and their version was certainly extant as late as A Another international issue affecting the Muslims of Asia is globalization. [10] The trend towards globalization allows increased contacts amongst Muslims , cited: The adults and children, men and women, the wise and the ignorant, the white and the black, are members of this family. They all share the same principles and foundations of human characteristics. The needs of various individuals and different races are the same. Posterities are also descendants of this very family and will definitely inherit their requirements. Consequently, Islam is the religion which fulfils the actual and natural needs of man , cited: We have entered into an endless, pointless discussion. She has answered my prayers on many an occasion. I have it on good authority that she is currently huddled with Pope Benedict and the Swiss Guard planning the take down of Mecca! This should not become a debate about Mary. Instead we should concentrate on who Jesus was and still is The original Catholicism honors Mary because, unlike all the other major religion, Catholicism recognizes the contribution of mothers for the children And when I say “original Catholicism” I mean the one from Jesus, not the one from Peter or any of those male chauvinistic disciples of Jesus When all other criticized Mary Magdalene for wasting money on the expensive ointment for Jesus, it was none other than Jesus who stood up for that poor female soul When that woman who had a really bad case of hemorrhage touched Jesus garment to got healed Jesus felt it, but did nothing from stopping the healing process You are a bit off here
If only they would uphold the TORAH, and the GOSPEL, and what is sent down to them herein (QURAN) from their Lord, they would be showered with blessings from above them and from beneath their feet. Some of them are righteous, but MANY of them are evil-doers , e.g. Slay the idolaters [non-Muslims] wherever ye find them... epub. Twelve years later, we find the following report (13 November 2012) in the Arabic online journal Ilaf [Elaph] [29] on the continuation of Algerians, including many Berbers, converting to Christianity, with the words: “That Algerians are leaving Islam is a phenomenon not denied by the government or civil organizations; however it suffers from being a subject not openly discussed , cited: But few practical solutions were offered, and the problem was compounded by the call by some of his students like Rashid Rida (d. 1935) for compromise with Western institutions, such as interest and the creation of national entities separate from the Islamic Ottoman rule , source: The Comforter - Islam uses the Bible to say the one later sent is Mohammed the prophet how to refute this Out of print for years, this concise introduction to the religion of Islam for Christians is a classic of Father Hardon scholarship. To most Christians, Mohammedanism is only a vague religious movement that somehow gave rise to the Crusades and that presently affects the culture and political aspirations of certain people in North Africa, the Near East and Pakistan Then a tree will be raised up for him, and he will say, “O my Rabb, bring me closer to this tree so that I may enjoy its shade and drink of its water” These sayings (Ahadith) are instructions offered for the guidance of mankind, and to follow them is as important as daily prayers However, Islam also has a much larger peaceful, moderate wing. Unfortunately, the former seem to capture all the media's attention, while the latter is rarely heard from or discussed by non-Muslims. It obvious that no one individual speaks for all Muslims. Islam has no single central human authority, comparable to the pope and Vatican for the Roman Catholic Church, or to various General Assemblies and the Lambeth Conferences for the Anglican Communion In the battle for control of the state being conducted by secular authoritarians on the one hand and religious authoritarians on the other, the gradual and educative path of Islamic reform has been marginalized or repressed altogether. [84] The result for ideological Islamist regimes has often resulted in a devolution from their stated goals of Islamization through unification of the judicial and executive roles, sometimes resulting in ironically non-Islamic results Pious tradition promises space in heavenly mansions, filled with everything beautiful, to those who repeat certain prayer formulas a certain number of times, or for similar rewarding deeds, whereas the mystic longs not “for houris some thousand years old” but for the vision of God, who will be visible like the full moon

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