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They have NONE of the marks of the True Church of Jesus Christ. DIP THE FLY IN YOUR FOOD; Sahih Bukhary; Abu Hurayra said; the messenger of God said; "If a fly fell in your drink, you should immerse it completely in the drink, because in one of the wings is the disease and in the other wing is the healing." She was killed because she spoke out against him, and she was merely a nuisance. It was led by Sam Rafelowich, son of a Polish imam. Egypt remained independent after the withdrawal of Napoleon, though it was forced to give up conquests in Syria and Palestine.

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Surah 18:25 - So they stayed in their Cave three hundred years, and (some) add nine (more). Behold, the youths betook themselves to the Cave: they said, "Our Lord! bestow on us Mercy from Thyself, and dispose of our affair for us in the right way!" Then We draw (a veil) over their ears, for a number of years, in the Cave, (so that they heard not):.. There are a number of religions in the world today with the five largest in terms of population representation being: - Confucianism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity and Islam.... [tags: World Religions] Arts of Islam - What is the purpose of studying any type of art form The difference between religion and a social law is that religion is descended by the Almighty Allah, whereas social laws spring from people's minds. In other words, religion unites man's social life with his worship and obedience of the Almighty Allah, while no attempt at such unity is made by social laws. It was revealed that religion has a profound effect in reforming the individual and the society According to Islamic tradition, the book is not a new creation but exists in archetype in heaven, fixed in the very essence of God and delivered piecemeal to the prophet. The word Koran means "recitation," and suggests its primary function of being recited during religious ceremonies. Mohammed memorized his own utterances and taught his followers to do the same, but no single disciple knew the whole Koranic revelation Death of the Buwayhid Jalal ud Daula, accession of Abu Kalijar. The Zirids in North Africa repudiate allegiance to the Fatimid and transfer allegiance to-the Abbasids Eventually, God begins to deal with man through the nation of Israel, whom He called out from among all nations. It was to Israel that the violent passages in the Old Testament were directed, because Israel was to be a theocratic nation which also had to deal with the practical realities of often-hostile neighboring states in the dangerous world of the ancient Near East, with all this would naturally imply 71 , source:

The “modern” women is so opressed by the need to be naked, good looking… just for bottled water selling a woman is (ab)used.. this are just some points of opressed women , cited: Islam brought to women their dignity, freedom, justice and equality ref.: The precepts of Islam, which inculcate duties towards God and duties towards man, are based on that deep knowledge of the human nature which cannot be possessed but by the Author of that nature. They cover the whole range of the development of man, and are thus wonderfully adapted to the requirements of different peoples I could see a day, when having more than one child is illegal, just like in China. That is what happens when heterosexuals breed irresponsibly. Those of us who are taxpayers are tired of paying for your mistakes
Then We draw (a veil) over their ears, for a number of years, in the Cave, (so that they heard not):... Surah 18:10-11 Historical errors in the Qur'an: You can verify these here at this online Qur'an , e.g. Ang ilan sa mga halimbawa nito ay : [51] Surah 2:191-193: "At paslangin ninyo sila saan ninyo man sila matagpuan at palayasin ninyo sila sa mga lugar na pinalayas kayo, dahil ang pag-uusig (ng mga Muslim) ay mas masahol pa sa pagkatay (ng mga hindi Muslim)... ngunit kung sila ay tumigil, pagmasdan! si Allah ay mapagpatawad at mahabagin The Ottomans were established in the Balkans and Anatolia by the time Bayezid I ascended to power in the same year, now at the helm of a growing empire. [198] Growth halted when Mongol warlord Timur (also known as "Tamerlane") captured Bayezid I in the Battle of Ankara in 1402, beginning the Ottoman Interregnum Petra is a gigantic rock made up of a lot of little stones ref.: See also: Afghanistan; Bedouin-Arab Families; Circumcision; Egypt; Ethnic Variation/Ethnicity; India; Indonesia; Interfaith Marriage; Iran; Israel; Kurdish Families; Kyrgyzstan; Malaysia; Religion; Senegal; Turkey a-hali, t., and khan, m. (1993). interpretation of the meanings of the noble quar'an in the english language. kingdom of saudi arabia: maktaba dar-us-salam. al faruqi, l. i. (1978). "an extended family model from the islamic culture." journal of comparative family studies 9:243–256. cooper, m. h. (1993). "muslims in america." cq researcher april 30, 363–367. el-amin, m. m. (1991). family roots: the quaranic view of family life. chicago: international ummah foundation. higab, m. (1983). islam is the all-divine messages in one.lagos, nigeria: islamic publications bureau. lemu, aisha (1978). "women in islam." in the challenge of islam, ed. altaf gauher. london: islamic council of europe. ninji, a. a. (1993). "the muslim family in north america:continuity and change." in ethnic families: strength in diversity, ed. h. p. mcadoo. newbury park, ca: sage. sakr, a. h. (1991). matrimonial education in islam. chicago: foundation for islam knowledge. sherif, b. (1999). "islamic family ideals and their relevance to american muslim families." in ethnic families: strength in diversity, ed. h. p. mcadoo. newbury park, ca: sage. azzam, a. rahman. the eternal message of muhammad. cambridge, uk: islamic texts society, 1993. bakar, osman. classification of knowledge in islam. cambridge, uk: islamic texts society, 1997. bakar, osman. the history and philosophy of islamic science. cambridge, uk: islamic texts society, 1999. gulen, m. fethullah. the essentials of islamic faith. konak, turkey: kaynak,, 1997. hamidullah, muhammad. introduction to islam. gary, ind.: international islamic federation of students organizations, 1970. nasr, seyyed hossein. ideals and realities of islam. chicago: kazi publications, 1997
And Muhammad seemed to think that Jesus was Moses' nephew, the son of Moses' sister Mariam. Mary, the mother of Jesus, and Miriam the sister of Moses actually lived about 1500 years apart. The entire Chapter 19 is devoted to Mary (Maryam) the mother of Jesus in the Qur'an. Thy father was not a man of evil, nor thy mother a woman unchaste!" Surah 66.12 calls Mary 'daughter of lmran". lmran is the Arabic form of the Hebrew Amram mentioned in Numbers 26.59 as the father of "Aaron, Moses and Miriam." This is the beginning of a mass exodus from Islam. It is a movement that is already in motion and nothing can stop it. However the exodus from Islam is not reserved to the intellectuals but also the average Muslim is finding that Islam is not the way to God but to ignorance, poverty and wars , e.g. Indeed, under the impact of civil wars started by the Khārijites, Sunnism drifted to more and more conformism and actual toleration of injustice. The first step taken in this direction by the Sunnis was the enunciation that “one day of lawlessness is worse than 30 years of tyranny .” This was followed by the principle that “Muslims must obey even a tyrannical ruler.” Soon, however, the sultan (ruler) was declared to be “shadow of God on earth.” No doubt, the principle was also adopted—and insisted upon—that “there can be no obedience to the ruler in disobedience of God”; but there is no denying the fact that the Sunni doctrine came more and more to be heavily weighted on the side of political conformism , cited: Pronounced “ee-MAHM.” In everyday use, any person who leads a congregational prayer. Traditionally, only men have been imams, although women are allowed to serve as imams for other women The Holy Qur'an is the revealed and sacred scripture of Islam, and it teaches: "Say Ye: 'We believe in Allah and the revelation given to us, and to Abraham, Isma'il, Isaac, Jacob and the Tribes, and that given to Moses and Jesus, and that given to (all) Prophets from their Lord: We make no difference between one and another of them: and we submit to Allah.'" (Qur'an 2:136) The most fundamental concept of Islam and the backbone of all its other principles and practices is the Oneness of God - tawhiid ref.: In the case of Zoroastrianism this was the Zend Avesta and in the case of Hinduism the Vedas. These two faiths were also called the People of the Flame. However Buddhism has never really been accepted as a legitimate faith ref.: Jan 24, 2012 The Creator has periodically chosen human beings to reveal His messages to humankind The Quran on numerous occasions challenges humanity at large to think, reflect and ponder over their affairs. Here is some of what the Quran states: Thus do We explain the Ayat (proofs, evidences, verses, lessons, signs, revelations, laws, etc.) in detail for the people who reflect. (Yunus, Chapter #10, Verse #24) Do they not think deeply (in their ownselves) about themselves (how Allah created them from nothing, and similarly He will resurrect them) Every deen has a distinctive virtue, and the distinctive virtue of Islam is modesty. (Malik) 58. Whoso walks in a path seeking knowledge therein, Allah will thereby make easy for him the path of Jannah. (Sahih Muslim) 59

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