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With that perspective they view the Qur'an as corrective of Jewish and Christian scriptures. In this library sold Islamic books and she knows the Library of the Academy of Al-Azhar, which opened in early August 1997. Test yourself on our quick online quiz * Some scholars question how important Mecca could have been during the Rise of Islam. May thinks for distributing the Islamic knowledge. If you login, more information will be available for this lecture.

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In some cases, Sharia Law (the governing and religious laws behind Islam) calls for the execution by stoning of individuals who have sex outside of marriage. However, it is very important to note that not all countries with predominately Muslim religions enforce this sentence. Many Muslim countries have gotten rid of it all together while others keep it on the books but do not actually enforce it , cited: No other monthly magazine has published such a celebrated and wide-ranging list of editors and contributors , cited: Cependant, le début du ramadan n'a jamais été fixé autrement que par l'observation du premier croissant de lune dans le ciel, à l'époque de Mahomet, de ses compagnons, et des musulmans sunnites des premiers siècles suivant la Sunna, et aucune information fiable ne permet d'établir d'autre méthode [164] If we don't nominate right candidates and don’t vote then we let others speak for us. This is the time when you, members can make your voice heard by nominating and electing the candidates. We urge every member to participate in the election process. The list of eligible voters has been posted on the ICM notice board. If you have any question regarding your membership status or your eligibility to vote please contact the ICM office. **A person must have been a member of the ICM for one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the election date to be eligible to vote In Islam, the world is divided between the believers and the infidels, between Dar al Islam (�the house of Islam�) and Dar al Harb (�the house of war�). All non-Muslims are included in the "house of war", and thus, can be forced to accept Islam through Jihad, Holy War. America and most European countries are not "the house of Islam", they therefore are in "the house of war" , cited:

At the next level there are numerous of orientations in terms of cult and myths They do not represent Islam," and to speak out forcefully against them. Televangelist Rod Parsley, a key McCain ally in Ohio, has called for eradicating the "false religion." One Dutch Islamic centre claims a tenfold increase, while the New Muslims Project, based in Leicester, [England] and run by a former Irish Roman Catholic housewife, reports a “steady stream” of new converts.” “Anecdotal evidence” in the form of personal testimonies can be powerful, moving, and very useful, though one has to treat such evidence with caution when trying to calculate national number of converts The problem is that — as the experience of the West proves — the transformation of Islamic societies into ones that accept, to whatever degree, the separation of church and state will take time. After Sept. 11, time seems to be running out
If it was an order then there would be compulsion for wife to perform sajada to her husband. But still, its validity and allowance is remained. When Ramdan fastings were not yet compulsory, the muslim ummah was used to keep fastings on Ashura (Moharram) , e.g. She replied, �No man, lord.� Jesus then said, �Neither do I condemn thee: go and sin no more.� This shows how Muhammad made it up as he went along: "The canonical traditionists report that Surah 4:95 was dictated by Muhammad to his amanuensis Zayd (Zaid) thus: 'Those believers who sit at home are not equal to those who fight in the way of God with their goods and their persons.' A blind man was present and heard the words , cited: The Qur'an, in contrast to many other religious books, was always thought to be the Word of God by those who believed in it, i.e. it wasn't something decreed by a religious council many years after being written. Also, the Qu'ran was recited publicly in front of both the Muslim and non-Muslim communities during the life of the Prophet Muhammad For instance, if we limit the comparison of Christianity and Islam only to the life of Jesus and the four gospels in the Bible, then there will appear only very minor differences between the basic teachings of the Bible and the Quran. But, as we travel further down the road of time, the chasm of these differences becomes wider and wider, till it becomes totally unbridgeable - and all because of human endeavour to revise that which was originally revealed ref.: Many people would say that the Golden Age scientific progress was made in spite of Islam, not because of it The result of the calculation is a fact thing. We cannot say that we got the information that 2+2 =4. So, there is no necessity of further research for the way already shown by our prophet. The word ruyah is used in the hadis of prophet(sav) about crescent. But this indicates to get information of moon's eye visibility through witness from near or far within the accountable or applicable distance , source:
And the adult population of the USA in 2014 was approximately 245 million, of which 0.9% were Muslims, that is, 2,205,000. Thus there was a net increase in Muslim American adults of 1,297,000 over a period of seven years, that is, 185,285 per annum , e.g. It is in our lives, and not from our words, that our religion must be judged. ~ Thomas Jefferson As the saints and prophets were often forced to practise long vigils and fastings and prayers before their ecstasies would fall upon them and their visions would appear, so Virtue in its purest and most exalted form can only be acquired by means of severe and long continued culture of the mind , cited: Even young students are voicing against the double-standard that contradicts the Islamic values and principles Narrated Ikrima, "Some atheists were brought to Ali and he burnt them. The news of this event, reached Ibn Abbas who said, "If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah's messenger forbade it, saying, "Do not punish anybody with Allah's punishment (fire)." Sufism is found more or less across the Islamic world, though bearing distinctive regional variations, from Senegal to Indonesia. According to Shaikh Mahmood Shaltoot, Head of the al-Azhar University in the middle part of the 20th Century, the Ja'fari school of thought, which is also known as "al-Shi'a al- Imamiyyah al-Ithna Ashariyyah" (i.e., The Twelver Imami Shi'ites) is a school of thought that is religiously correct to follow in worship as are other Sunni schools of thought , e.g. Elijah Muhammed won an important convert when Malcolm Little (1925-1965) joined the faith in a prison cell It may focus on specific supernatural, metaphysical, and moral claims about reality (the cosmos and human nature ) which may yield a set of religious laws, ethics, and a particular lifestyle ref.: The intent is to teach the position of this belief system in history, not the religion itself — the dividing line is not always clearly drawn, however, not even in the "standards" handed down by the State of California to its districts and individual schools. ("Standards" are education jargon for what the state insists be taught in a particular grade year in a particular area of study.) social studies standard for this particular unit: "Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the civilizations of Islam in the Middle Ages." Women who disgrace their family are put to death in " honor killings "; buried halfway or sometimes up to their neck so they cannot run, women, who are in most cases victims, are stoned to death Duke University has attained worldwide disgrace because of their support for Islamic terrorism.. Since it is now common knowledge of how Islamics behead and slaughter innocent civilians in their practice of Islam in obedience to their Koran, and there have been many videos of other beheadings since this one I see no need to continue showing the Berg video from this site and have removed the actual video from this site. , cited:

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