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The first commandment anyone? “Thou shalt not have strange gods before Me”. Supposed to be on the cross for only three hours. It is attested that at least three revelations were left out. Or the painting of the Virgin Mary smeared in elephant dung. By subordinating women, the idea-collection prevents their effective vote against war, violence, and conquest. It is also important to note that the Qur’an was revealed in Arabic. These restrictions are part of Sharia law and enforced by the police and a special Islamic office.

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Some Muslims become angry when they are confronted with this fact ref.: His key work was, "Towards Understanding Islam" (Risalah Diniyat). Afghani and Abduh were liberals, but Rida developed Abduh's philosophy into a xenophobic and racist anti-colonialism, which had as its goal re-establishment of the Caliphate and imposition of Sharia law. The radical Islamists have in common the convictions that Islam must dictate the political organization of the state as well as religious life, intolerance of the West and hatred for Jews as such , e.g. He paused again, then, leaning on a cliché about the "Great Religions of the World, " said: The phrase jihad has a lot of meaning within Islam and is subject to a lot of different interpretations, but I will say that first Islam is one of the world's great religions You can go to the Muslim sacred texts and find exhortations to peace, love, tolerance and understanding. You can also find justifications for religious warfare, the subjugation of women, amputations, stonings and goodness knows what. However, most Muslim scholars and teachers in most countries remain true to their faith and their scriptures without advocating any of these things They don’t deserve any considerations at all. I don’t know where we go once we’ve reached that point , cited: So, we must consider the time of removal of soul from our body as a death time and the place where the soul departs from the body of a person is a grave place. This is the reason that the prophets graves are made where their souls departs , cited: If anything, we need to encourage genuinely moderate Muslims and understand the difficulties they have to face. The ISIS-sympathizing fanatic who thinks he should be able to rape Christian women and who forces his wife to wear a burka isn’t “somewhere out there” to them; he’s sitting in the back row of their mosque on Sunday , source:

When the Prophet (saw) said, “No by the One is Whose Hand is my soul, they are for the men who believed in Allah (swt) and also in His Messengers; he did not mention deeds or anything other than faith and belief in the Messengers, with no doubts or questions An army of 30,000 soldiers from the south must have deeply impressed the northern tribes, so they posed no real threat to Islam. They are the ones who paid the "protection" tax mentioned in Sura 9:29 (and so do tribes and cities after Muhammad’s death) , source: Lewis explains: "In pagan Rome, Caesar was God. Christians were taught to differentiate between what is due to Caesar and what is due to God. For Muslims of the classical age, God was Caesar, and the sovereign—caliph or sultan—was merely his viceregent on earth. This was more than a simple legal fiction. For Muslims the state was God’s state, the army God’s army, and, of course, the enemy was God’s enemy , e.g. Is it not that a religious person is one who proves Allah's existence and performs specific acts for His satisfaction? It is possible that in the society, according to the laws enacted by human beings, the duty of each member of the society determines the benefit and the loss
The new Christian state had less, not more, religious freedom than the old, Islamic one Consideration and respect for others: "O you who believe! do not enter houses other than your own until you have asked permission and greeted the inmates. .. and if it is said to you, 'Go back', then go back." (24:27-28) "O you who believe! avoid most of suspicion (against others), for surely suspicion in some cases is sin; and do not spy (into other people's affairs), nor let some of you backbite others." (49:12) "When you are greeted with a greeting, greet with one better than it, or return it (in the same terms at least)." (4:86) Speaking of a small number of Muslims facing a big and powerful enemy, the Quran relates: "Those to whom men said: people have gathered against you, so fear them; but this increased their faith, and they said: Allah is sufficient for us and He is an excellent Guardian." (3:173) Regarding the performance of religious duties, the Holy Prophet has given the following advice: "Religion is easy, but any one who exerts himself too much in religious devotions will get overcome by it; so you should just act rightly, and keep to the mean, and be of good cheer, and ask for Allah's help morning, evening, and a part of the night." (Bukhari.) Finally, we give a verse of the Holy Quran mentioning a number of qualities a Muslim, man or woman, should try to acquire: "The truthful men and the truthful women, the patient men and the patient women, the humble men and the humble women, the charitable men and the charitable women, the fasting men and the fasting women, the men who guard their chastity and the women who guard their chastity, the men who remember Allah much and the women who remember Allah much - for all these Allah has prepared forgiveness and a great reward." (33:35) "Your Lord has commanded that you worship none but Him, and do good to parents
Not superficial issue; even the fundamental ones. You have only to read the Munir Inquiry Report. Justice Munir, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court was one of the two judges who were appointed to investigate into the background, reasons and the modus operandi of the anti‑Ahmadiyya riots in 1953 Jesus said; "Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery." (Matthew 19:9) Does Allah desire you live in Paradise? Or, your torment in Hell? how can Muslims miss what Allah really has in store for them What grounds were there for the accusation? It is probably a figment of Mohammed's own imagination.) "O you who believe! do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people." (Surah 5:51) It’s so hard to find Muslims with some common sense This dual religious and social character of Islam, expressing itself in one way as a religious community commissioned by God to bring its own value system to the world through the jihād (“exertion,” commonly translated as “holy war” or “holy struggle”), explains the astonishing success of the early generations of Muslims. Within a century after the Prophet’s death in 632 ce, they had brought a large part of the globe—from Spain across Central Asia to India—under a new Arab Muslim empire The Hebrew and Greek writings of the Bible have been translated into thousands of languages epub. Just like Christianity was buoyed, backed, supported and raised up by the original pagan Roman infrastructure which eventually adopted it, Islam is being buoyed, backed, supported and raised up by the Western World which will eventually adopt it To insult or neglect such pious friends of Allah may lead one to hell fire. In verse 91 of Surah Al-Ambiya in quran; Mariam (AS) and Isa (AS) are said as symbols of Allah. So, in fact, the friends of Allah are themselves among the symbols of Allah and their related things and matters in favor of them are also symbols of Allah The Quran, the sacred text of Islam states, "Righteous is he who believes in Allah and the Last Day and the Angels and the Scriptures and the Prophets" (2:177). Belief in these doctrines, as well as many others, are important to Muhammad's followers, both past and present , e.g. It not only provided the ruling from Allah, but the reasons behind the ruling, which people of intellect always seek Another large group, the Shīʿites, has its own Hadith contained in four canonical collections. The doctrine of ijmāʿ, or consensus, was introduced in the 2nd century ah (8th century ce) in order to standardize legal theory and practice and to overcome individual and regional differences of opinion The bit that gets me is a young girl (she must only be about 4-5 years old) and as she was squirming around, no doubt breathing her last breaths , e.g.

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