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Furthermore, the Qur'an teaches that the rational faculty is one of the greatest gifts of Allah to man, and it encourages us to use this faculty and to develop it. During his mandate, the role of high technology seems to come into play as he projects his power: In the end he is supposedly an ally of Christ, but again, the entire ongoing conflict is so very confused, bloody and chaotic, with many ‘messiahs’ claiming to the the ‘one,’ victory over the false messiahs and holy ruler of Earth that it would become hard to tell who is what.

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En somme, tout support sur lequel les scribes pouvaient écrire les versets que Mahomet dictait [64], [65] , source: His funeral will take place in Medina, where he will be buried beside Muhammad, in a place between Abu Bakr and Umar." "The Muslim eschatological tradition is unanimous in assigning to both Jesus and the Mahdi a significant role in the doctrine of the qiyama (resurrection) , cited: In his numerous commentaries on Aristotle’s logical works, he expounded for the first time in Arabic the entire range of the scientific and nonscientific forms of argument and established the place of logic as an indispensable prerequisite for philosophic inquiry There is no organized priesthood, as there are no sacraments to administer. An oriental nomism, where the religious basis of conduct derives from external observance of law, has become so inveterate in classic Islam that the internal forum or conscience of believers is practically ignored in questions of moral judgment. In place of a sacerdotal hierarchy, orthodox Islam has ever looked to the political sovereign for the direction of Moslem affairs, not excluding imposition of sanctions for breach of Koranic precepts and interpreting these precepts by civil decree ref.: Islamic exegetes confirm this judgment in their interpretation of the term, "Three," of the fourth surah. Some say bluntly that the three in question are "Allah and Jesus and his Mother." Allah, Christ and Mary are three gods and the Messias is the child, "in the flesh" (walad' Ullah) of Allah from Mary. Still others repeat the same Islamic tradition but prudently add that this may not be the explanation which Christians accept, since according to them, "Three means that God is three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit , source: They hoped he could help them maintain peace. They eventually made a pledge to support Muhammad in war against the Quraysh [Guillaume, op cit, page 205]. Now Muhammad knew he had an able and armed following. It was only until he had a following that could defend themselves, and his people were migrating north to Medina, and that he knew he was going to leave town, that suddenly "Allah" gave Muhammad his "revelation" to fight

The Qur'an was dictated by Muhammad but, according to the Qur'an, it did not originate with Muhammad. The Qur'an testifies of itself that it was given by God through the angel Gabriel to the prophet Muhammad. "This is a revelation from the Lord of the universe. The Honest Spirit (Gabriel) came down with it, to reveal it into your heart that you may be one of the warners, in a perfect Arabic tongue" (Sura 26:192-195). "Say, 'Anyone who opposes Gabriel should know that he has brought down this (the Qur'an) into your heart, in accordance with God's will, confirming previous scriptures, and providing guidance and good news for the believers'" (Sura 2:97) , e.g. In the eyes of some commentators on Islam in the West, Islam has been portrayed as a militant religion, a religion of blood, fire, and sword
In 626 he began to take several wives; favorite is Aisha (daughter of Abu Bakr) 11. 627 - The Battle of the Trench a. Muslims (3000) defeat a much larger Meccan army (10,000) b. Followed by the massacre of 700 men of the Jewish tribe of Qurayzah, their women and children sold as slaves 1) For their support of the Meccans against the Muslims, perceived as betrayal 2) It did not lead to hostility toward Jews in general 12. 628 - Treaty of Hudaybiyyah a I asked, “Whose is this?” They said, “It is for ‘Umar ibn al-Khattab” , source: He proved himself to be a totally pathetic human being with it. Neutral non-Muslim Sources confirming Islam to be the fastest growing religion. I will just mention a few of them. �Islam is the world�s fastest-growing religion , cited: In many ways it is a more determining factor in the experience of its followers than any other world religion. The Muslim ("One who submits") lives face to face with Allah at all times and will introduce no separation between his life and his religion, his politics and his faith , e.g. You are in the thick of it if you teach and have someone in HS. As long as spokesmen at the top of Islam can pronounce death on this or that group, Islam will look bad to many. I was interested in TNC essay for its discussion of the housing swindles. First, I’ll admit that I know almost nothing about Islam. So I have some questions that need to get answered: Is ISIL a state ref.: People doing lynchings while dressed in sheets – anyone seen that recently? – probably do not have official KKK membership. your opinions are “based on you sitting on your couch and judging people on the internet” The KKK is alive and kicking and they know not to openly work their stuff….mainly we get a bunch of cops shooting black boys and Hate Inc. inciting hate against Muslims through lies
In the nearby town of Poitiers, about 70 members of a youth group known as the Conservative Generation identity name has recently occupied a mosque being built in the district of Buxerolles heavily Muslim town. The dawn raid of October 21 was designed as a protest against the growing influence of Islam in France. The protesters climbed onto the roof of the mosque (photos here) and displayed a banner with the symbolic expression "732 Generation Identity" in reference to the year 732, when Charles Martel halted the advance of the army Muslim invasion north of Poitiers (also known as the Battle of Tours.) The new mosque, located in the north of Paris, in the suburb of Cergy-Pontoise, is not only vast in its dimensions (pictures here), but it is also very visible and symbolic minaret, which was deliberately designed to change the horizon of the suburbs being bigger than any church steeple in the neighborhood, which is supposed to become the "new symbol of Islam in France." Non-Muslims of the world need urgently to become aware of this principle. Of all the ideas in the Islamic collection, this is the most dangerous to the West because it removes our natural self-preserving defenses. The use of pretext tends to make the West defenseless against Islamic encroachments. And it tends to make the West confused about how to respond to violent Muslim reactions. The use of pretext means you need only the barest excuse to begin hostilities , source: For those who can afford it, there is an alternative to fasting --- feeding a poor person. What is the fifth of the Five Pillars of Islam? The final act of submission is a pilgrimage (Hajj) to Mecca. At least once in their lifetime Muslims are expected to make the journey during the twelfth month , cited: It is in this context that we invited you this evening to be with us here, with IRIS in this community, to share with you, our views, our insights and our ideas on this topic. IRIS is a group of Religious leaders in Suriname and it exists for about two or three years. But up till now, we have only focused on working together, instead of dialogue together Shia revolt in Khurasan under Yahya b Zaid. Kufa and Mosul occupied by the Khawarjites. Battle of Rupar Thutha, Kufa and Mosul occupied by Marwan II. As Saffah becomes the Abbasid Caliph at Kufa. Abdul Rahman founds the Umayyad state in Spain. Shia revolt under Muhammad (Nafs uz Zakia) and Ibrahim. Khariji state set up by Ibn Madrar at Sijilmasa O God, I seek refuge in Thee lest I stray or be led astray or cause injustice or suffer injustice or do wrong or have wrong done to me! Have you not read Genesis, that there was only a void and the deep and the Lord brought forth the land by speaking the Word The fact that these religions exist within technologically advanced cultures alongside "classical" organized religions (such as Christianity) is one of the reasons for grouping these adherents separately from the general "primal-indigenous" category DIP THE FLY IN YOUR FOOD; Sahih Bukhary; Abu Hurayra said; the messenger of God said; "If a fly fell in your drink, you should immerse it completely in the drink, because in one of the wings is the disease and in the other wing is the healing." Another NON-SENSE that has no proof in the Quran or in the common medical knowledge

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