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As for such (of the unbelievers) as do not fight against you on account of (your) faith, and neither drive you forth from your homelands, Allah does not forbid you to show them kindness and to behave towards them with full equity: for, verify, Allah loves those who act equitably. (Qur'an, 60:8) It is one function of Islamic law to protect the privileged status of minorities, and this is why non-Muslim places of worship have flourished all over the Islamic world.

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When he came to Prophet Moosa he slapped him and knocked his eye out ref.: Normally there are accurate calendars to toll the exact time, but in the absence of such facilities one should consult one's watch and the sun's positions, together with the local newspapers, weather bureau, etc This is a basic overview of the Islam religion and Mohammed as their prophet. Islam could very well be listed as the fastest growing religion in the world today. Estimates of its followers (Muslims) range from a conservative 800 million to 1.5 billion worldwide (year 2,000). Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life,: reports ( 2009) t here are 1.57 billion Muslims of all ages in the world today, about 23 percent of the global population of 6.8 billion Assad's Alawite neo-Shiites were able to work together with the Muslim Brotherhood Salafist Sunnis of Hamas and the Shiite Ayatollahs of Iran and the Super-Salafist Sunnis of Al Qaeda as long as they had a common goal of killing Americans or Israelis or somebody. When that goal broke down, they began killing each other instead. Islam's answer only works when there is a non-Muslim target within reach and none of the Muslims have time to start envying the other's rifle, sunglasses or country , cited: The wine of Paradise, as described by its Creator, is: “Crystal-white, delicious to those who drink [thereof], free from intoxication, nor will they suffer intoxication therefrom” [37:46-47] The water of Paradise does not become brackish, and its milk never changes in flavour: The women of Paradise are pure and free from menstruation, nifaas [postnatal bleeding] and all the other impurities suffered by women in this world, as Allah (swt) says: “…and they shall have therein Azwaajun Muttaharatun [Purified mates having no menses, urine, stools, etc]” [2:25] The hearts of the people of Paradise will be pure, their speech will be good, their deeds righteous , cited:

Underlying this prohibition is the assumption that God is the sole author of life and that a person who makes a picture of a living being seeks to rival God. Architecture and poetry are the richest of the Islamic art forms The Qaynuqa agreed to leave Medina if they could retain their property, which Muhammad granted. Following the exile of the Bani Qaynuqa, Muhammad turned to individuals in Medina he considered to have acted treacherously. The Prophet particularly seems to have disliked the many poets who ridiculed his new religion and his claim to prophethood — a theme evident today in the violent reactions of Muslims to any perceived mockery of Islam They also expose the world to more sinister and bitter calamities than before. It is self-evident that all these are the bitter and sweet fruits of the tree of civilization and the direct results of the way of living of these nations and societies that are superficially on the path of progress
Fast during the entire month of Ramadan (9th month in the Muslim's lunar calendar). This is when the Muslims are supposed to fast for 28 days from all food and drink from sunrise to sunset in atonement for their own sins over the previous year. In actuality, what this involves is sleeping all during the day and eating all night. 5. Make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca at least once in a lifetime Glaubt an Gott und seinen Gesandten und an die Schrift, die er auf seinen Gesandten herabgeschickt hat, und an die Schrift, die er schon (früher) herabgeschickt hat , e.g.! No work is bidah which is related to the holy Prophet (sav). Every work for the Prophet will be considered as "ita'at" means obedience. In quran there is a verse which states "O believers, if you make sins (zulm upon your nafs) go to Prophet and seek forgiveness of Allah and if Prophet also make dua for your forgiveness, Allah will forgive your sins" This is part of a famous verse 64 of surah Al Nisa of quran, and all Ulema know about this verse The control of the self from wrongdoings is also a great Jihad. One of the forms of Jihad is to take up arms in defense of Islam or a Muslim country when Islam is attacked. Such a Jihad has to be declared by the religious leadership or by a Muslim head of state who is following the Qur'an and Sunnah Our hostility to the Great Satan [America] is absolute. ... Regardless of how the world has changed after 11 September, ‘Death to America’ will remain our reverberating and powerful slogan: ‘Death to America.’” This chilling command is the logical extension of Islamic bigotry, and its crowning manifestation. 1 “Text: Obama’s Speech in Cairo,” New York Times, June 4, 2009. 2 “Sheik Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi: Allah Imposed Hitler upon the Jews to Punish Them ‘Allah Willing, the Next Time Will Be at the Hand of the Believers,’”, January 28-30, 2005. 4 Raymond Ibrahim, “Video: ‘I Hate Christians and Am Disgusted by Them’ -- Muslim Cleric,”, April 1, 2013. 6 Philip Mansel, Constantinople: City of the World’s Desire 1453- 1924, St ref.:
Regional and factional struggles continue to divide China�s Muslims internally, especially as increased travel to the Middle East prompts criticism of Muslim practices at home and exposes China�s Muslims to new, often politically radical, Islamic ideals. In February 1994, four Naqshbandi Sufi leaders were sentenced to long-term imprisonment for their support of internal factional disputes in southern Ningxia Region that had led to at least 60 deaths on both sides and People�s Liberation Army intervention Muslims, like Christians, Jews and others, will always be concerned with the fate of co-religionists around the world. Whether that will lead governments to take particular policy actions is less certain. For example, the Soviet Union�s invasion of Afghanistan certainly created much concern in the Islamic world, but few Muslim countries cut-off relations with the Soviet Union Los mujires o murgíes, más tolerantes, tuvieron menos trascendencia, pero frente a los jarichíes declaraban esencial la profesión de fe, que no quedaba anulada por una culpa grave. Mucha mayor importancia tuvo el chiísmo, éste introdujo en el islamismo un elemento nuevo: el imam o imán, persona que hace de intermediario entre Dios y el creyente, en especial Alí y sus descendientes One can reach up to certain level in the divinity by practicing any religion but ultimate target can be achieved if Islam is accepted What a contrast this is to the life of Jesus Christ. Jesus never commanded His followers to kill, steal, or destroy. He lived a life of servanthood and goodness. He elevated the position of women and treated them with love, respect, and forgiveness These pagan tribes, as the Qur’an clearly states, would not hesitate in the least to attack and kill the Muslims at their first chance, and thus they must be fought against. Furthermore, if 9:5 was a general exhortation to kill all non-Muslims, then verse 9:6 would make no sense: “And if one of the polytheists asks you for protection, then protect him, until he hears the word of God: then deliver him to a place safe for him , cited: I think that Western and islamic people are sick And the verses of Quran where taken out of its context. You wouldn't want people from other faith to quote a verse from Bible out of its context, would you? Read the original English translation with the commentaries from a well known translator used by many Muslims in the most part of the world ( here is the link to the pdf: ) Roman Catholicism looks to the Vatican as the Holy City Umar b Abdul Aziz founds the Habbarid rule in Sind. Ahmad founds the Samanid rule in Transoxiana. Murder of the Abbasid Caliph Mutawakkil; accession of Muntasir. Zaidi state established in Tabaristan by Hasan b Zaid. Mutasim flies from Samarra, his depostion and accession of Mutaaz descargar.

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