Finals Finally Finished

Thank God. Literally.

He carried me through this insatiably difficult and stressful time.

My 25 page senior paper is finished and turned in.

I am done.

Time for Thursday quarter wings!

God bless, and feel free to share your finals stories, if you have any.

Finals week

Well… its that time of year again.

Finals week.

The most annoying and stressful week that comes but twice a year.

Unfortunately, this means my blogging time has, and will continue, to take a hit until this horrible experience ends.

Sorry… but don’t worry, I’ll be back to full capacity (and beyond) shortly (and be looking for a BIG surprise announcement soon).

Back From Vacation

Hello faithful readers,

Unfortunately Thanksgiving break is over and its back to class.

Fortunately that means I’m back with my friends and I’m back to blogging regularly.

So stick around and I will bring you the best and most interesting stories before the big blogs get a whiff of them and I might even toss in a dash of my conservative commentary.

Also, feel free to share your Thanksgiving stories.

God Bless,

The College Politico

Don’t feel much like blogging

Hey faithful readers.

I’m sorry but I’m going through an extremely hard time right now and I simply don’t feel much like blogging.

Hopefully I will be back soon. I just can’t handle stuff right now.



P.s. If you have any advice please feel free to share it. Thank you.

Gone for the weekend…

I’m gonna be away from internet access this weekend so The College Politico won’t be getting any updates until Sunday at the earliest.

If you’re looking for more on the Ashly Todd story I suggest Hot Air or Michelle Malkin.

And if you’re looking for other political news I suggest you check out my blog roll over to the right. Thats where I get a lot of my news from so its a good place to start.

Anyway, have a good weekend and don’t forget to stop back Sunday night.


Happy Birthday to Michelle Malkin

I just wanted to take a quick second and say Happy Birthday to Michelle Malkin.

As many of you who read The College Politico regularly know Michelle Malkin is a major source of news and perspective for me. I find her opinions and principles to be some of the most enlightening and consistant in the conservative movement. Not only that but I find her to be one of the foremost leaders of that movement.

Plus Michelle is doing almost exactly what I hope to do in my career, producing insightful, vivid, and clever commentary that cuts to the heart of an issue and enables people understand and connect with it. I hope some day I can write and speak with half the briliance Michelle Malkin displays on a daily basis.

So I hope that you stop over at this link and wish her a happy birthday.

UPDATE: Michelle’s birthday wish

Why does the rest of Pennsylvania like Democrats?

I mean they keep calling us all racists… So why does anybody vote for them?

Especially in the case of Rendell and Murtha.

Do Pa dems and independents think they’re racists? Do they like being labeled as such?

Personally when people, especially people who have never met me, call me racist simply because I did or didn’t vote a certain way it pisses me off.

So why doesn’t it piss anybody else in this state off?

UPDATE: Murtha ducks and covers…

UPDATE: Murtha is back, he’s calling us all rednecks now

UPDATE: People of the 12th district of Pennsylvania, you do have a choice.

UPDATE: Hope after all?

UPDATE: Bill Russel is winning?

UPDATE: Big guns come out for the Russel Brigade and Murtha contiues being an old hag…

Liberals and “Insane rage”

I feel like I have to link to this story by Michelle Malkin (here’s the syndicated article) because the media has been pissing me off more than usual lately with their stories on how out-of-control, insane, crazy, hateful, bloodthirsty, evil, maniacal, vindictive, racist, nasty, vulgar, beast-like, and mob-like the crowds at McCain-Palin rallies have been.

Michelle’s piece is pretty comprehensive but its pretty impossible to catalog all of the insane acts liberals have been driven to by their own derangement. So I’ve decided to add two to the list really quickly.

First, there’s always the story of the nut-job Bush hater who punched a wheelchair-bound girl who has cerebral palsy. He did this at an event for Laura and Jena Bush’s children book… (New York Post has more details on this)

Second, there’s the case that I observed first hand in 2006 at the Chester County Republicans Headquarters on South Church Street in West Chester Pennsylvania. At the time I was the assistant grass roots coordinator, a volunteer position, for the Victory campaign and we were working out of that office. It was at that office that local liberals, most likely from West Chester University, decided it was appropriate to throw bricks through the front windows of the office not once but twice.

P.s. Awesome day in Football. Eagles win, cowboys lose, and I don’t have to listen to Olbermann’s annoying voice on Football Night in America (maybe NBC will fire him from that gig too, you know, since he sucks at it)!